Britney vs. Christina: Sticky star war?

Will teen divas get "fizzical" in sweet, wet battle? Sharon Stone stalker stopped. Plus: Does Russell Crowe reek like a 'roo?

Published March 29, 2001 8:16PM (EST)

Apparently what a girl wants is to get Coked up and take on her rival.

Not content to let Britney Spears recast the Pepsi generation in her own image and dance away with all the spoils, Christina Aguilera has reportedly signed on to hawk Coca-Cola in the United States and South America. Although a Coke spokesman told the BBC that "the details are still being worked out," the British tabloids are reporting that Aguilera stands to make big bucks on the deal, although not quite as big as Spears has on her whopping Pepsi payday.

"The gloves have come off. It's a fizzical battle no one will want to miss," one "ad insider" quipped to the U.K. Daily Star on Wednesday. (I guess that's how ad insiders talk.)

But while Aguilera is clearly going after Britney's claim to the "princess of pop" tiara, whether or not she's looking to win over Spears' Pepsi costar Bob Dole is another matter altogether.

Pop an extra Viagra, Mr. Dole? Easy, boy.

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Julia pooh-poohs politics

"Political about what? Mad-cow disease?"

-- Julia Roberts, scoffing at rumors that she'd planned to "get political" in her Oscar acceptance speech.

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Hide the ice picks

Sharon Stone, stalked?

After a mentally ill man named Agostino P'Omata allegedly showed up at her Los Angeles home and made threats against her and her family, Stone was granted a restraining order against him on Tuesday, City News Service reports.

The order, issued in Los Angeles Superior Court, requires P'Omata, 32, to steer clear of Stone, her husband, Phil Bronstein, and their 10-month-old son, Roan. But the move may be overkill, as P'Omata is reportedly already in custody and receiving psychological help.

No doubt learning not to follow all those scary basic instincts.

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Pot meet kettle; kettle, pot

"He is just utter, utter scum."

-- James Woods on Bill Clinton, in the New York Daily News.

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Juicy bits

If you thought Russell Crowe looked like he was in a funk sitting in the audience at the Oscars, you should have smelled him beforehand. "He does not wear deodorant," red-carpet tattletale Joan Rivers blabbed to USA Today. "They call it animal magnetism in Australia." Here we call it ... Joan Rivers being really, really mean.

Michael Dudok de Wit says Gil Cates can do with his stinkin' free TV: Give it to charity. De Wit, who won the Oscar for best animated short, says he wasn't going for the high-definition TV the Oscars producer offered to the maker of the shortest acceptance speech when he clocked in at a mere 18 seconds. "I did not write the shortest speech to win the television set," De Wit told the Associated Press. "I have many television sets. I wrote it to say what I had to say and no more." And that's all he has to say about that.

Bad news for "Big Brother"-heads: You've just lost your chance to vote the next Brittany or Josh out of the house. According to Variety, the producers have decided to jazz up the show by taking a page from "Survivor" and having the contestants alone decide on who gets tossed from their Ikea-furnished house of horror. They'll also introduce newer, harder, more exciting games. I know, I know ... it's hard to imagine anything more exciting than being forced to build a house of cards on the dining room table ...

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