The secret life of Ren

Revealed! Star went undercover in London for "Diary"; Ashley Judd makes shocking sex decision. Plus: Ex says Russell Crowe is nice to pregnant women!

Published March 30, 2001 5:19PM (EST)

How good an actress is Renée Zellweger?

Good enough, apparently, to fool at least one publicist at the London bureau of Macmillan Publisher's Ltd., where she "interned" while researching her role in "Bridget Jones's Diary."

Oh sure, Zellweger's unsuspecting colleague, Alexandra Heminsley, says there were clues that the woman who gave her name as Bridget Cavendish wasn't your average young hopeful looking to break into book publishing.

For one thing, Heminsley writes in the U.K. Telegraph, Zellweger, who made a big honking deal of gaining weight for the role, was "considerably slimmer than your average two-Sea-Breezes-and-a-packet-of-Kettle-chips-for-supper London girl." And, she says, "she had an incredible Sloaney accent, which almost sounded like someone taking the mickey." What's more, her clothes were a little too nice for the pay.

Oh and OK, so there was that tiny photo of Jim Carrey "Cavendish" had stuck on her computer monitor. But Heminsley, who did her best to give her young colleague career advice and help her fit in, says she "didn't really dwell on it."

"The answer to the question 'Don't I feel stupid about offering career advice to a Golden Globe-winning actress?' is yes, of course I bloody do," Heminsley writes, "but she was really lovely and I was only trying to be nice."

And hey, there's always the v. slim chance that old Bridget will remember her with a premiere invite ...

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The ultimate in taking your job home with you

"Probably once I thought, 'Okay, I'm just going to have the most rewarding career in the universe, I'm going to have sex with my career.' That lasted about 30 seconds!"

-- Ashley Judd, revealing that she'd rather have sex with her fiancé, race car driver Dario Franchitti, than her career (however that works), in Fashion Wire Daily.

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Something to Crowe about

Danielle Spencer, the blond ex-girlfriend Russell Crowe took to the Oscars, wants the world to know a few things about her former mate.

Spencer, who now shares "a special relationship" with the Oscar winner, tells the U.K mag Hello! that he's a "very gentle, intelligent and loving" person. He is, she says, a romantic -- and not one bit the womanizer he's cracked up to be.

"He genuinely loves kids," the Australian actress/singer who dated Crowe for five years says, adding that he's "very thoughtful with pregnant women."

I'll bet.

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Who's gonna tell Keanu?

"'Speed 3?' I don't think. Most definitely not. The only way somebody could get me into that was if they drugged me, bound me and bodily rolled me on to the set."

-- Sandra Bullock on the prospect of her making another sequel to "Speed," on Ananova.

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Who moved Eminem's cheese?

Eminem, cheese hider.

In a new book, "Eminem: In His Own Words," the rapper formerly known as Marshall Mathers confesses that he wasn't very good at sharing in his youth.

"I don't like to give the sob story: growing up in a single-parent home, never knew my father, my mother never worked, and when friends came over I'd hide the welfare cheese," he shares.

So, what'd they put on their crackers?

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Juicy bits

Details have emerged in the Sharon Stone stalker case. According to court documents, Agostino P'Omato flew to Los Angeles from Italy "to marry" the actress. Before his arrest, P'Omato did get to see Stone when he showed up at her home on March 19, but several of her employees kept him at bay. "When asked the reason for his visit, he stated that he had come to take Sharon Stone," the documents said. Take her away, I assume.

James Taylor and his wife, Caroline Smedvig, are expecting twins, the Boston Herald reports. The babies, who are Taylor and Smedvig's biological offspring, are due next month to a surrogate mom, thanks to in vitro fertilization and a family friend who is carrying them to term. You got a friend like that?

Who wants to be like Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera? Not 14-year-old British singing phenom Charlotte "voice like an angel" Church. The life of pop princessdom is just a little too "ordinary" for her, Church tells the upcoming New York Times Magazine. "I like being a bit out of the ordinary," she says, "plus the fact that I couldn't do all the clothes." And, she says, "I can't be dealing with watching my weight. It's just too much stress." Bring on the biscuits!

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