Triumph of the Brill

Brill's Inside Content is just the beginning! Get ready for Content Inside Brills

Published March 31, 2001 12:41AM (EST)

Brill's Inside Content. That's the rumored name of the new media empire that will be formed if Brill's Content merges with Inside, a deal that the Industry Standard reported on Thursday was in the works.

We applaud egomaniacal mogul Steven Brill's commitment to plastering his own name over every media property he acquires, and have some additional suggestions.

He should immediately acquire the anti-Dubya site, to form

He should purchase Suck, bringing into existence

Other exciting possibilities include:

Soldier of Brill's Fortune

High Times Inside Brill's Content

Content: Brill's Living Inside Martha Stewart

The Nerve of Brill's Content

Rosie's Inside Brill's Content

Content People Feed Inside Brill's

Inside Brill's Vanity

Inside Playboy Brill's Penthouse

The Drudge Inside Brill's Content

Inside Brill's Real Simple Content

Inside Brill's Stream

Southern Partisan: Inside Brill's Yahoo!

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