My name is Moby. I'm a jerk

Techno-popster to world: "What's wrong with me?" Pam Anderson takes it off for golf. Plus: Seeing red -- Jagger battles Redford over Che flick.

By Amy Reiter

Published April 2, 2001 8:08PM (EDT)

Dear world, Moby's sorry.

The techno-pop star has issued a public apology for being "a truly annoying and awful man at times" on his official Web site.

His epiphany came, it seems, while reading the just-released biography, "Moby: Replay," for which author Martin James apparently interviewed many of Moby's friends and colleagues.

"It's odd to have ones life summed up in a few hundred pages by a 3rd party writer. But I appreciate the quasi-objective insight into my life and career," Moby writes. "And I've realized that I have been a truly annoying and awful man at times, especially regarding my career."

Not to mention that whole thing about the party game he claimed to love in which he and his friends would whip out their schlongs at big Hollywood parties and try to brush up against A-list celebs. He called it "Knob Touch." Later, he called it a joke.

"I'm sorry that I've been so difficult," Moby says. "Sheesh, what was wrong with me?"

Now, however, he's seen the light and taken the first step by admitting there's a problem. "I do believe that every time someone criticizes me now that I'm completely deserving of it, for in the past I used to be such a jerk," he muses. "Who knows, maybe I'm still a jerk. Probably. I should go to J.A. (Jerks Anonymous). Although I guess now that I've outed myself as a jerk I'm not quite so anonymous."

Or, really, such a jerk ...

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X marks the spots

"I'm just developing the story ... It's material you can use in X-Men 2, and if you don't use it in X-Men 2 you can use it in X-Men 3, 4, 5 ... ."

-- "X-Men" director Bryan Singer on how one sequel can mutate into four, in Britain's SFX Magazine.

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Dressing for the sand trap

The First Annual Pamela Anderson Bikini Golf Open? Also featuring ... Michael Bolton?

It's the ultimate in cheese ... and it's apparently coming to Los Cabos, Mexico, on June 21-24. The event's promotional Web site (click with caution -- annoying music awaits) boasts "gorgeous greens and stars you can reach up and touch," lots of scantily clad models and fully clad pros and "a live concert that will blow your bikinis off." (Fore!)

It's for charity, of course -- proceeds from the 4-day-event, including an auction for which Pam's ex Tommy Lee has donated a drum set, will benefit abused women and children as well as Pammy's favorite cause, PETA.

But, I mean, still ...

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She's no lady; she's his ex-wife?

"I'll have to pass on comment about that."

-- Lyle Lovett, refusing to discuss ex Julia Roberts' Oscar win.

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Oh, Che!

Mick Jagger vs. Robert Redford, next week on "Battle of the Aging Heartthrobs"?

It seems that Jagger and Redford are in heated competition to bring biopics of Che Guevara to the big screen.

In Jagger's corner, Antonio Banderas is fixing to take the lead, a role he has played before. Jagger's flick, "Tania," will focus on the love story between Guevara and East German spy Tania Burke.

Redford, meanwhile, has reportedly enlisted Benicio Del Toro to play Guevara in a film called "The Motorcycle Diaries," which chronicles the Latin American revolutionary's journey across South America.

According the Ananova, both flicks are set to go into production this fall, and Jagger, who has just delayed a Stones tour to focus on his film projects, is feeling a little anxious about competing with the Sundance kid.

"Mick has been fascinated by Che since his college days at the London School of Economics," a source told the British Web site. "But he knows that if Redford gets his movie on screen first, they are dead and buried."

In other words, right about now, he really needs time on his side.

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