Nicole Kidman: Knee wide open

Hugh Grant: "Maybe I'm a perv"; Jennifer Aniston is out of bondage, into horse pills. Plus: David Bowie will bite you now and Jodie Foster is preggers!

By Amy Reiter
Published April 4, 2001 9:25PM (EDT)

Did Nicole Kidman go into this whole fame thing with eyes wide shut?

The high-profile actress is none too pleased that her life has been "dragged through papers" these last few months. First the breakup of her marriage to Tom Cruise, and now all that talk about her mid-breakup miscarriage.

"It's very upsetting and it's very invasive," Kidman told the Sydney Morning Herald. "I understand that people are interested but it's my life -- my personal life."

Never mind the fact that her very own publicist went on record to confirm the miscarriage rumors when they'd barely begun to circulate. Kidman feels that discussing her private health issues is over the line.

Well, maybe not all her private health issues. She's more than happy to discuss injuries that help promote an upcoming film, like the rib she broke and the knee she tore while working on the musical "Moulin Rouge."

"The rib wasn't so bad but the cartilage was a nightmare. So I finished the film on crutches, where it was really, really painful. I should have stopped and got operated on," she told the Australian daily. "I didn't really realize the damage I was doing to my body. I just sort of kept going and taking painkillers and getting steroid shots just to get through it. I felt like a footballer. And then I had to have surgery."

In other words, she just wants to tell you about the "private" stuff you couldn't give a rip about.

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Older than O-Town, but still in there tryin'

"We decided we should put together a band of men over the age of 50 with real musical ability, real singing ability and some experience, but who the music industry have ignored. Just because there's snow on the roof doesn't mean the fire's gone out down below."

-- Media consultant Kizzi Nkwocha on her company's decision to launch a "Man Band" as an alternative to all those "talentless, manufactured boy bands with all the longevity of a butterfly."

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Hugh, dirty rat!

Hugh Grant may be worried that he'll never find Liz Hurley-esque love again, telling Talk magazine that it won't be easy "to find someone you can share 14 years of in-jokes with." But he's not too concerned about the lust part.

Hey, given a few drinks and the right lighting, he says just about anything would look good to him -- even the title character in "Bridget Jones's Diaries," in which Grant stars as love rat Daniel Cleaver.

"I totally understand the Bridget attraction. I like a bit of meat with my gravy," Grant says of the weight-obsessed fictional character in the U.K. Sun. "I have her down as a hangover conquest. When you have a hangover, you sort of fancy everything."


Well ... "Particularly the slightly grubby girl in the office leaning over the photocopier, maybe slightly overweight, with a little bit of coffee spilled down her skirt," Grant says, really getting into it. "I think that's very sexy, all that stuff. Maybe I'm a perv."


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Aniston: Bring back the bondage of self!

"I [cut] it mainly to relieve me of the bondage of self. It was right to do it -- shed the skin -- but I couldn't hate it more. It's just not me. I hide behind my hair; it's my shield. I'm taking every horse vitamin there is to make it grow faster."

-- Jennifer Aniston on her hair, in Vanity Fair.

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Juicy bits

Ground control to major bite marks ... David Bowie vants to suck your blood. The glam rocker is reportedly in talks to star as Dracula in a vampire miniseries on Italian TV. The show, in which Bowie appears opposite Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini in the role of Professor Van Helsing, will be set in modern times and feature Dracula preying on a group of unsuspecting teens. No, I don't know if they're young Americans ...

Jodie Foster's knocked herself up again. The actress is pregnant with her second child, due in November, she tells gossip veteran Liz Smith. She won't tell who the father is, or even if it's the same fellow who fathered her son Charlie, but she will say this: She's excited that baby will be a Scorpio. "My sisters and I are all Scorpios, so we have a soft spot for the birth date." Goo.

No Kahlo for J.Lo. Jennifer Lopez has apparently ditched the biopic of Frida Kahlo she was set to star in, opting instead to star as an FBI agent in a crime flick called "Taking Lives," directed by Tony Scott, the man who brought you "Top Gun." That's good news for Salma Hayek, who's also set to star in a Kahlo biopic, directed by Julie Taymor: She won't have to share the unibrow after all.

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