Everybody's stalking!

Claudia Schiffer's latest fan bloodies up the manse; Britney had "help" with her autobiography; and "Survivor's" Jerri Manthey wants to get nekkid ASAP!

By Amy Reiter
Published April 6, 2001 4:52PM (EDT)

Claudia Schiffer's got a brand-new stalker.

Unlike the old stalker, who was arrested last July when he showed up at the model's Majorca villa claiming to be her husband, this one did not bring flowers. He did, however, leave his car.

A man being described by the British tabs as a "lovesick Spaniard" reportedly smashed his way into Schiffer's island villa, forcing the patio windows open with a crowbar, and wandered around for a few hours. But, after rifling through the model's stuff, the obsessed fan left with nothing but a scrap of curtain, which he apparently used to staunch the blood from an injured hand.

"I love her and I wanted to be close to her but I did not want to do any harm or steal anything," the stalker told police, who tracked him down by tracing the license plate of the Renault 5 he abandoned outside Schiffer's home, according to the U.K. Daily Star. "When I went round I was hoping to speak to her and because no one was in, I thought I'd have a look around."

Although Schiffer herself was out of town, her mother, Gudrun Schiffer, who also lives at the villa, was not, and returned home to find broken glass and blood dripped through rooms of the house. Worried that the intruder might still be afoot, Mama Schiffer alerted the police, who soon made the arrest.

Gudrun says she and her daughter will not press charges, but fully intend to bill the stalker for the repair of the window and the curtain.

Oughta charge him for parking, too.

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The things we tell ourselves ...

"In some ways it liberates you to have people go, 'You suck.'"

-- Hanson lead singer Taylor Hanson on the freedom born of scorn, on SonicNet.

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Shocking news! Britney Spears' debut novel, "A Mother's Gift," which hits stores in just a few days, was not written by the belly-baring pop star herself. Neither was it written by her mother, Lynne, who is credited as co-author.

Instead the novel -- which follows the story of a musically gifted girl named Holly Faye Lovel, who leaves her smalltown Mississippi roots and her mom behind to attend music school -- is rumored to have been written by Nashville author Tom Carter, who has also ghost-penned "autobiographies" for Reba McEntire, George Jones and Merle Haggard, among others.

According to the Tennessean, before sending his manuscript to Random House, Carter did run the pages past Britney and her mother for approval or minor changes.

Perhaps they added a bunch of exclamation points to give it that authentic Britney touch. (Oops!)

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And you thought Joan Rivers was mean

"The full horror was ... Pamela Anderson. Revealing all the taste and refinement of a hooker on holiday, she chose to buck the system in denim hot pants and teeny weeny white shirt which struggled bravely to contain her. Accompanied on one side by her camp, pink-shirted 'stylist' and on the other by our very own dear Elizabeth Hurley, she brought trailer-trash fashion right into the 21st century."

-- Joan Collins, letting the former "Baywatch" babe have it with both barrels while pontificating on Oscar-night fashions in the Brit monthly the Spectator.

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Bootee call!

You hated her for weeks; soon you may have a chance to hate her naked. "Survivor" bootee Jerri Manthey has apparently been telling anyone who'll listen that she wants to shed her swimsuit for Playboy.

"I may have turned down Howard Stern, but I want to do Playboy," the New York Post reports Manthey told friends at a party earlier this week, after resisting Stern's offer of $10,000 to doff her top on his show.

The rice princess repeated her heartfelt wish to "The Early Show's" Bryant Gumbel on Thursday morning.

"Complete layout?" Gumbel gamely inquired, probably meaning "completely nekkid?"

"I'm willing to negotiate," Jerri coyly replied, probably meaning "money, money, money, money, money ... "

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