Breaking up is hard to do!

Pamela and Tommy get cuddly all over again; Boy George to save Bosnia; and Hef's got no room in his bed. Plus: Angelina Jolie calls for a backup butt!

By Amy Reiter
Published April 9, 2001 4:36PM (EDT)

Is Pamela Anderson out of her mind?

Rumors are rampant that the former "Baywatch" babe and her drummer ex, Tommy Lee, are sniffing each other out again and may be on their way back to yet another reconciliation.

The duo is said to have looked quite cuddly at an AIDS benefit gala in Hollywood last week. ("Tommy and I will always have a special connection," Anderson told reporters.) And a friend of theirs subsequently told the New York Post that "they're trying to work things out for the sake of the family."

Meanwhile, the parents of Kylie Bax, the New Zealand-born model with whom Tommy was reportedly keeping company until recently, have denied that their daughter ever had anything to do with the recovering rocker.

"She tells us everything she's doing," Kylie's mom, Helen Bax, told the Waikato Times last week. "We know she wouldn't do what some people say she does."

Pammy's kin, meanwhile, have remained mum.

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Cross-culture club

Attention: Bosnian youth. Boy George wants to know ... Do you really want to hurt each other? Do you really want to make each other cry?

The '80s icon is bringing his message of peace, love and cross-dressing to 7,000 Croats, Serbs and Muslims in the Bosnian town of Banja Luka.

The singer-turned-DJ tells the BBC he hopes his music will be a uniting force.

"It sounds a bit naive in the UK to talk about dance music changing things," he says. "But there's something about it that really brings people together."

Spoken like a true karma chameleon.

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Watch where you put that medal, mister

"It's not a criminal offense, but it's not appropriate."

-- Clive Cheesman, of the British College of Arms, sniffing at Russell Crowe's decision to wear his granddad's Member of the Order of the British Empire medal, which Cheesman says should only be worn by the recipient, to the Oscars, in People magazine.

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Hugh old dawg!

Hugh Hefner turns 75 today. And while you can't teach an old dog new tricks, Hef's still out to prove that, if the old dog keeps popping Viagra like candy, he can keep adding new tricks like nobody's business.

The Playboy magnate celebrated his birthday Saturday by throwing himself a lavish party at his mansion, surrounded by his seven girlfriends- Stephanie Heinrich, Tiffany Holliday, Tina Jordan, Regina Lauren, Cathi O'Malley, Kimberley Stanfield and Buffy Tyler.

"They're girlfriends. It's a typical relationship, times seven," Hefner recently explained to USA Today.

But don't expect it to be "times eight or nine" anytime soon. The septuagenarian, who is still legally married to his estranged wife, Kimberly Conrad, and claims he has no plans to remarry, says, "There really isn't enough room in the limousine or bed."

That sound you hear is Anna Nicole Smith sighing.

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Bottoms up!

"After a couple of bottles [of champagne], you think, 'Yeah, OK. Look at my butt.'" -- Model Kimberly Mann on how she psychs herself up to model thongs, in Gear.

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Juicy bits

Speaking of putting your best cheek forward ... Last week, Angelina Jolie told the Scottish Daily Record that she insisted on a body double for her nude scenes because she didn't think her own bod was quite up to the task. "I smoked a lot and drank too much and was out of shape," Jolie reportedly told the tab. Champagne, anyone?

Eeeew! New York Daily News columnist Mitchell Fink is reporting that Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock are -- gulp! -- "hot and heavy." All she wants to do is have some fun ... with a really skanky guy.

If Johnny Depp's a man of his word, he'll soon have the cleanest star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. The actor says he lost a bet in which the loser promised to lick the sidewalk star clean. "I can't remember what the bet was for," Depp said during a U.K. radio interview. "But I do know the loser was supposed to go over to the star and lick it clean. I lost -- and I suppose I will pay up someday." He'll go from "Blow" to "slurp" in one easy step.

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