Janet Jackson: "I have sex in my head"

Singer says parents bred like bunnies; Christy Turlington wants to breed like Jacksons. Plus: Angelina wears Billy Bob's blood!

By Amy Reiter
Published April 24, 2001 4:59PM (EDT)

Do you think Janet Jackson is a nasty girl?

One factor to consider: She thinks about sex ... constantly.

"Modern pop music, and especially rap, often features violence," she tells the German magazine Der Spiegel. "So why not sing about sex instead? After all, I have sex in my head all the time."

And she has more than the action in her own bed to consider. She's also been mulling over her parents' sex life, as she imagines it.

Sure, they were deeply religious people, she says, but "in the end, they had nine children. They must have been at it like rabbits."

'Cause you don't get nine babies by having sex in your head.

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Rambo-size regrets

"If I were watching a home movie of my life, I would shake my head in despair and wonderment ... it's a comedy of errors."

-- Sylvester Stallone, reflecting on his feckless youth in Parade.

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Get out your mats

Christy Turlington and Ed Burns aren't married yet (that'll happen this fall), but already the yoga-loving supermodel's got plans -- big plans -- to birth a passel of "little yogis."

"I plan -- as far as anyone can plan these things -- to have children. At least four if not five," Turlington told the German edition of Vogue magazine.

She plans to raise them as strict vegetarians and apparently carries the firm belief that the family that downward-dogs together, stays together.

"The earlier I bring them to meditation the better," she says. "I want my children to experience that."

And she wouldn't mind if the guests at her wedding experience that either.

"A friend of mine is designing a wedding dress for me. It will be traditional," she says, "but guests will be welcome to come in saris."

Because love is never having to say your sari's not appropriate attire?

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Xing went the strings of his heart

"On ecstasy, Joan Rivers looks like Pamela Anderson, so imagine what Pamela Anderson looked like."

-- Tommy Lee on how he fell in love with ex-wife Pamela Anderson at first sight when he was drunk on champagne and high on ecstasy.

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Liver giver

Maybe Garth Brooks should start wearing a white hat.

The country singer is being pegged as a full-fledged hero after volunteering to donate a part of his liver to his ailing friend and fellow musician Chris LeDoux.

Even though Brooks' liver was deemed too small to make the donation, LeDoux (who has a new liver from another donor) tells USA Today he's "blown away" by his buddy's big heart.

"I wouldn't do that for a friend. I'd pray for them, but, holy cow, for him to offer a piece of himself like that," says LeDoux. "Even if he wasn't able to do it, for him to go through everything he went through just to do this, wow, I'm amazed."

In other words, it's not the size of the organ ...

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Juicy bits

Bond, black Bond? Forget Russell Crowe and all the rest of the white guys rumored to be in the running to replace Pierce Brosnan as James Bond. Roger Moore says he knows the perfect actor to take over the role of 007: Cuba Gooding Jr. Moore says it's high time for a black actor to be cast in the role. Here's wishing the producers would agree and show Gooding the money.

Didn't think Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton could shock you any more with their weird ways? Well, the New York Post has just revealed that Angie wears a glass ball pendant around her neck containing drops of Billy Bob's blood. She refused to remove the charm during a recent photo shoot, growling, "This is my husband's blood!" There's a joke about loving in vein in there somewhere. And another one about being a drip ...

I don't know what you were planning to give your mom for Mother's Day, but whatever it is, you'd be hard-pressed to top the birthday gift Ang Lee just presented to his mom: the Oscar he won for "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Examining the gift, Lee's mom proclaimed it to be "adorable." And you thought those scented soaps seemed thoughtful.

If you're still scraping coins together in hopes of buying Madonna's sweat-stained bra, it's too late. An unnamed male fan has snagged the Material Girl's leather bustier for a cool $13,800. Don't worry. Probably wasn't your size anyway ...

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