Eminem, buck naked and ready to blow!

Marshall Mathers' explosive family jewels; Paul McCartney on his Tokyo pot bust. Plus: Was Miss France a man?

By Amy Reiter
Published April 25, 2001 4:43PM (EDT)

At last, the chance to find out whether Eminem is really a blond!

The slim, shady rapper will reportedly appear as nekkid as the day he was born in a special centerfold in June's "Naked" issue of the British edition of Cosmopolitan magazine.

"He is among a number of big celebrities who will appear naked," a Cosmo spokeswoman told the Web site Ananova. "He's completely naked except for a stick of dynamite in the appropriate place."

Got a match?

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The grass is always greener

"I don't know what possessed me to just stick this bloody great big bag of grass in my suitcase. Thinking back on it, it almost makes me shudder."

-- Paul McCartney speaking publicly for the first time about his 1980 Tokyo airport drug arrest in an upcoming TV interview.

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Voter fraud

Ben Affleck: All talk, no action?

It would seem so. Affleck may have schlepped all around the country stumping for Al Gore back in the final weeks of Campaign 2000. He may have delivered speech after speech after speech pleading with people to get out and vote. And he may even have told me, as the results rolled in on Election Night, that "no matter who wins, I think it's a healthy thing for our country that so many voters have come out and participated in the process."

But guess what? It turns out that Affleck himself neglected to haul his avowedly Democratic booty to the polls.

After digging through voting records in New York, Cambridge, Mass., and Los Angeles -- the only three places Affleck has ever officially resided -- the intrepid folks at the Smoking Gun could find no evidence whatsoever that Affleck had registered -- let alone voted -- in the 2000 presidential race. In fact, as far as TSG could determine, the actor, who recently dropped whopping hints that he may seek elected office himself, has not voted in a federal election since ... September 1992, when he was 20 and eligible to vote in a presidential race for the first time.

So what did Mr. Every Vote Counts have to say for himself? After stonewalling TSG for five days, Affleck's flack David Pollick finally admitted that the "Pearl Harbor" star failed to fulfill his civic duty, but insisted that it wasn't his fault.

"Despite Ben's attempt to vote on Election Day 2000, a bureaucratic snafu at the polls prevented him from doing so," Pollick said, neglecting to elaborate on said "snafu." "Fortunately, the candidates he supported carried New York state without his vote."

In other words, the results were strangely un-Affleckted.

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Quel scandale!

"Our regulations say that all delegates must be natural-born. If she does turn out to be a man, we'll put her on the first plane back to France."

-- Miss Universe spokeswoman Mary Hilliard McMillan on the beauty pageant's investigation into whether Miss France was born a monsieur, rather than a mademoiselle.

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Juicy bits

'N a family way. Worldpop reports that 'N Sync-er Joey Fatone's longtime squeeze birthed the couple's first baby -- a little girl named Brianna -- over the weekend. That sound you hear is 12-year-old girls everywhere sighing.

If life brings you lemons, make a million bucks! Inside.com reports that Bette Midler and her producing partner, Bonnie Bruckheimer, have snagged a $1 million deal to write a book about the singer/actress's failed sitcom. The book's title: "Canceled." And maybe her next album will be called "Remaindered."

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