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Zeta-Jones denies plastic surgery rumor; porn star and alleged Cruise-defamer Kyle Bradford is "sensual" and "honest." Plus: Liz Hurley figures out the Matthew Perry problem -- he was on drugs!

Published May 4, 2001 4:09PM (EDT)

If Catherine Zeta-Jones has a few wrinkles around her peepers, they're certainly not smile lines.

The actress is apparently not amused by claims in the U.K. Sun that she has had plastic surgery on her eyes, so she has dispatched her publicist, Cece Yorke, to dismiss said surgical allegations forthwith.

"She has gorgeous eyes," Yorke told Reuters, "and they are the same as they were."

According to the Sun, Zeta-Jones had a three-hour lid-lift operation at the L.A. office of Dr Frank Kamer, whom the paper calls an "eye specialist," on the morning of April 10.

"It will take about six weeks for her to recover," the source told the tab.

But Yorke says that in the last few days, Zeta-Jones "has been photographed all over the place and she looks the same to everyone else."

Something to take up with Dr. Kramer?

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What makes Prince Albert shake his can?

"I am a really massive fan of Chicago and Genesis."

-- Prince Albert of Monaco, letting the cat out of the bag about his musical tastes.

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Porn yesterday?

What do we know about male porn star Kyle Bradford (real name: Chad Slater) except for the fact that Tom Cruise is looking forward to seeing him in court?

Cruise, you most likely know by now, is bent on disproving Bradford's claim, published in a German magazine, that he and Cruise had an affair and that the discovery of said affair caused the breakup of Cruise's marriage to Nicole Kidman. Cruise insists he never even met the guy, let alone boffed him -- and is suing him for defamation ... for the obscene sum of $100 million.

Well, a visit to Bradford's Web site suggests that the original report might have been exaggerated.

"I have never been to France, I have never spoken with 'Actustar Magazine', and have never said any of the statements allegedly said by me," Bradford writes. "The things being reported internationally are totally untrue and very hurtful to all parties."

Whether or not this denial will satisfy Cruise is yet to be seen. If so, it was fun while it lasted. And while it lasted, we were able to glean a few details about the briefly famous porn star from a sweet little profile on ManNet.com, which bills itself as "Gay Erotica's Best Click!"

Here we learn that Bradford is 25, lives in Hollywood and looks a bit like Cruise himself. We also learn that he'd like to be taller, that Cruise and Brad Pitt are his favorite mainstream actors (Austin and Alex Powers are his favorite "porn performers") and that his "most humbling experience" was "When I met a famous actor -- who shall remain nameless -- and he wanted to wrestle with me."

Bradford also reveals that, although people often take him for a "cocky jockboy punk," he is really "sensitive and insecure at times." He also describes himself as "adventurous," "sensual" and ... "honest" -- though we're guessing Cruise might dispute the latter.

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She has her limits

"Definitely not. Not for $200 million ... Two Mummy movies is enough."

-- "The Mummy" star Rachel Weisz on how no amount of moolah could tempt her to do another "Mummy" sequel.

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Juicy bits

The word is no "Grease." Not for 'N Sync, anyway. Boy band member Lance Bass tells SonicNet that the band has finally faced its failure to secure the rights to the "Grease" name and characters in order to make "Grease 3." And the way Bass now sees it, this may be for the best. "I think if you had all five guys of 'N Sync, people really wouldn't take the movie seriously," he tells the music site. Not like the 'Npressive movies he and fellow 'N Sync-er Joey Fatone are currently working on.

Spare the Rod, spoil the marriage? Rod Stewart is waxing philosophical about commitment again. "I think the vows should be changed, because they've been in existence for 600 years, when people used to live until they were only 35. So they only had to be with each other for 12 years, then they would die anyway," Stewart reasons in Scotland's Daily Record. "But now, it's a big commitment because you're going to be with someone for 50 years. It's impossible. The vows should be written like a dog's license that has to be renewed every year." Of course, that's every seven years in dog years.

Looks like Matthew Perry has made a new friend. Liz Hurley says she and Perry had a rough time connecting while working on "Servicing Sara." But that all changed after his trip to rehab. "Now we realize why, because I guess he was disconnected to himself at that time," Hurley tells USA Today. "Now we sit around on the set all day and giggle and laugh playing silly games, and he's lovely!" Tee hee!

Ten things I learned on my Vegas vacation

Some of you may have noticed that I took a break from the column for a couple of days this week. Where did I go? Las Vegas, land of neon, cocktails and rollin' roulette wheels.

I won $50 at the nickel slots. (I hit a hot streak on a "Family Feud"-themed machine and another on a "Munsters" one and scored my biggest jackpot on an "Austin Powers"-inspired slotter -- yeah, baby!)

I carried around a plastic cup and made conversation with a blue-haired lady in a wheelchair who looked like she hadn't moved from her slot machine for days. I saw a bunch of Disney-fied free shows, visited the Liberace museum, walked up and down "The Strip" gaping at every themed casino/hotel I could find, took a trip out to the Hoover Dam, and, heck, I even discovered a few things.

So I thought, for today's Cracker Jack prize, I'd share a little bit of what I learned.

1) Wayne Newton's Vegas home is an exact replica of Tara, from "Gone With the Wind." Presumably before the fire.

2) Some of Liberace's elaborate beaded costumes weighed more than 200 pounds. More than the flamboyant pianist himself, though possibly a little less than his rings.

3) If you want to look at the dee-luxe Pete Menefee- and Bob Mackie-designed costumes at a showgirl extravaganza like the classic "Jubilee" at the Bally's Hotel, don't go to the topless show. When they sing that show-opener about "hundreds and hundreds of girls," what they really mean is hundreds and hundreds of nipples. And I defy anyone not to be distracted by the sheer, unairbrushed variety.

4) The distance from one end of "The Strip" to the other end is greater than it seems. And it's even farther if you lose money at every casino along the way.

5) No one seems to notice that the pyramid-like Luxor Hotel may evoke thoughts of eternal entombment.

6) If you go on the government tour of the Hoover Dam, you should be prepared to endure endless dam jokes. ("Heard a lot of men died constructing the Hoover Dam? That's a dam rumor!" and on and on and on ...) You will be expected to laugh every time. If you do not laugh, your guide will tap his microphone and quip, "Is this on?" You are far underground. There's no dam escape.

7) Even if Vegas' famous cheap buffets were free, they'd still be overpriced.

8) If you thought maybe the mean New York Times review of the Steve Martin art show at the Bellagio was unfairly dismissive, it turns out it wasn't. I love the guy, but his collection is uneven at best. At worst, it reveals aspects of the comedian/writer you may not want to see. Like the Martin Mull painting of an adolescent boy who, far as I can tell, disrobes his mother and sister in his mind and kills off his father. The eerily smiling boy himself stands in a passive pose, his forearm muscles nevertheless bulging aggressively. Of this painting, "Birthday Boy XI," Martin says, "The mood [Mull] captures is so specific to my own life that I wonder sometimes if I am actually not me, but him." Whoa there, Steve-o.

9) Don't get your hopes up about seeing the old Las Vegas you know from the movies. The trademark neon signs are still blinking away on the casinos in the old downtown section, but Fremont Street has been paved and covered over to make way for a family-friendly laser light show, "The Fremont Street Experience." It's South Street Seaport West.

10) Save enough nickels for the trip home.

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