Salon Premium: It just gets better

Arianna Huffington explains why you should subscribe.

By Salon Staff
May 8, 2001 4:05AM (UTC)
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All the best things about Salon -- the breaking news, the fresh takes, the profusion of attitude, "Mr. Blue" -- just got better.

Salon Premium is all wheat and no chaff -- like listening to the Beatles' "White Album" without having to hear any of Ringo's songs. Or watching a porn video without having to fast-forward through the dialogue scenes. Uh, wait a minute ... I mean, reading the best of Henry James without having to slog through the long, expository passages.


Bottom line: Salon Premium is a must-surf site for anyone looking to stay tapped -- or rather Tapper-ed -- in to the political and cultural scene.

-- Arianna Huffington

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