Too bloody much

Blood lovers Angelina and Billy Bob push the envelope to the grave. Plus: Oscar winners live longer, Brad Pitt wants us in his pants and J.Lo signs on to produce a sitcom!

Published May 16, 2001 4:07PM (EDT)

Remember that necklace containing Billy Bob Thornton's blood that Angelina Jolie refused to take off for a photo shoot a couple of weeks back?

Well, I'm sure you'll be profoundly relieved to know the couple's blood pact goes both ways. Yep, Billy Bob's accessorizing with an amulet full of Angie's vital juices, too.

As a matter of fact, as far as Billy Bob's concerned, if you haven't let a little blood, you really haven't loved.

"People say they're soul mates, but when you really mean it, you have to prove it," he tells Mr. Showbiz, "and we give each other our blood."

And let me count a few other ways Hollywood's kookiest couple has seen fit to "prove" their love. They've both gotten a couple of new tattoos to commemorate their first wedding anniversary. (According to Mr. Showbiz, one of his features her name on the inside of his arm, decorated with ... drops of blood!) He's also written some songs about her, which he plans to release in album form.

Angie, for her part, has recently showered her husband with a very special gift: his-and-hers grave sites, so they can lie together for eternity (particularly if all that blood swapping gets out of hand).

And while she might not have recorded music in his honor, the actress has recently paid tribute to him with the following sweet sound bite: "If he was a woman, I'd be a lesbian."

And we'd all still think they were completely off their rocker.

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A nice tail?

"It's very strange to sit in a screening room and see your buttocks get a laugh."

-- Paul Bettany on baring his booty in "A Knight's Tale," in USA Today.

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Juicy bits

Bad news for those of you praying for the early demise of Gwyneth Paltrow, Julia Roberts, James Cameron or Roberto Benigni. According to a new study reported Tuesday in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Oscar winners live, on average, 3.9 years longer than actors who have never had occasion to thank the Academy. And the researchers insist it's not just a matter of good eatin' or fierce exercise regimes, but rather the spiritual benefits of a King of the World complex. "Once you get the Oscar, it gives you an inner sense of peace and accomplishment that can last for your entire life," the study's lead researcher, Donald Redelmeier, told the press, "and that alters the way your body copes with stress." Or it could just be that all those older-than-God Thalberg winners raised the collective average.

Speaking of celebrities on a power trip ... Brad Pitt and his stylist, Todd Shemarya, are launching a new line of clothing. Although the line won't carry the Pitt name, it will find inspiration in Brad -- the man, the icon. Shemarya told men's fashion mag DNR that the idea came to him after he and Pitt altered a suit for him to wear to a movie premiere -- only to find Pitt's look mimicked by two designers the following season. "We laughed like you have no idea," Shemarya said. "It was so empowering." Funny how that dress he wore on the cover of Rolling Stone somehow failed to catch on.

Also milking it beyond all decency: Jennifer Lopez. The singer/actress/dancer/clothing-line inspiration is about to add yet another slash to her name: TV producer. According to Variety, Lopez has signed a deal with NBC to develop and produce a TV sitcom based on her life growing up in the Bronx. I'm sure we'll all give it our biggest Bronx cheer.

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