Aguilera: Touch me!

The pop bopper's proud to be unlike a virgin; Alec Baldwin loves America, misses his wife; Larry Flynt suffers a holy crotch bite! Plus: Behind-the-scenes "Sopranos" smooching!

Published May 17, 2001 4:40PM (EDT)

What a girl wants is to clear up those nasty rumors about her virginity.

Christina Aguilera says that, unlike certain other former Mouseketeers who shall remain nameless (Britney, Justin), she's no tease. The genie, she'll have you know, is definitely out of the bottle.

"I'm a proud, sexual girl -- a woman, actually," she tells Britain's NOW magazine. "All this do-not-touch nonsense is not me. I'm no virgin, I'm all for female sexuality and taking the sexual power away from the guys. They've had it for way too long."

Aguilera also gets a little emotional when it comes to reports about her volatility. "I'm not a spoiled brat or diva like they say I am," she insists. "I keep hearing these horror stories about how I have a temper, how I yell at my dancers and how I never like hotel suites -- but none of it's true."

Then again, she wouldn't want you to think she's a pushover or anything. "I don't take a lot of crap from people," she says. "I didn't get here by being stupid and letting people push me around."

Nope, she got there by wearing skimpy outfits, doing a lot of scoopy things with her voice and flinging her hands around a lot.

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Get in line

"When I die I would like to be born again as me."

-- Hugh Hefner, speaking at Oxford.

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Red and white but mostly blue

Alec Baldwin would like to make himself perfectly clear: Despite what you may have heard about him threatening to leave the country should a certain person (Bush) be elected to a certain office (president), his heart continues to beat true for the red, white and blue.

"I'm very patriotic," Baldwin insists in the upcoming issue of Biography magazine. "I'm an arch-patriot. When they play 'The Star Spangled Banner,' I get all choked up. I love my country."

Who else does he love so much he gets a little farklempt when he tries to talk about her? His estranged wife, Kim Basinger.

"I still love my wife more than anybody," he tells the magazine, adding that he is "devastated" by the split, which he says felt like "someone punching me in the stomach as hard as they could right before I had to go run the marathon."

And he's still recovering from the blow. "People come up and say, 'You're young, maybe you'll meet someone else,' and I think that's just the most kind of unimaginable thing in the world to me." Should old acquaintance be forgot, keep your eye on the grand old flag ...

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Its bite is worse than its bark

"The Church has had its fangs on our crotch for a long time."

-- Larry Flynt, speaking at Cannes.

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Juicy bits

Diddy mean it? Sean "Puffy" Combs says that whole P. Diddy thing was just a joke -- and he had no idea people would take him so seriously. "People can call me whatever they're comfortable with," he tells Ebony. "It's just added on to one of my many names. To spice it up a little bit." Because Lord knows if there's anyone whose life needs a little more spice, it's P. Diddle Diddle. (I'm comfortable with that.)

Maybe they should call him the Muscles from Brussels sprouts. Jean-Claude Van Damme says he's altered his diet to maximize his power for the next role. "In my new movie 'The Monk' I want to be very fast," he told Reuters Television at Cannes. "I'm going through this process where I'm only eating vegetable food." That's one way to get a legume up on the competition.

Anne Robinson, good sport? The "Weakest Link" host says she found the recent "Saturday Night Live" parody of her to be very informative. "Until somebody else does you, you don't realize how daft you look," she tells USA Today. What's more, she says she found the portrayal "very flattering" and quite funny. "I was rolling around!" she says. Hope she didn't get all knotted up in that long black jacket.

"The Sopranos" younguns Jamie-Lynn Sigler (aka Meadow Soprano) and Jason Cerbone (aka Jackie Aprile Jr.) are as hot and heavy off-screen as they once were on, the New York Post reports. The duo was apparently spotted mid-clinch in a New York nightspot recently. "They were kissing right at the bar," witnesses blab. Don't tell Tony.

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