Everybody's getting naked!

Belinda Carlisle strips to make a point; Rebecca Romijn-Stamos does it with booze. Plus: Brad Renfro sent to the sneezer, and a new interactive video shows us ALL of Britney!

Published May 18, 2001 4:31PM (EDT)

Naked she came back.

Forget "vacation." It seems that all '80s icon Belinda Carlisle really wanted was to doff her duds for Playboy. She's doing it in the magazine's August issue, she says, to make a point.

"It's sort of an homage to the sort of Vargas style, '50s pinup," Carlisle said during a "Good Morning America" appearance Wednesday to promote the release of the Go-Go's new album, "God Bless the Go-Go's." "You don't have to be age 20 and size zero to be ... sexually viable or viable as a woman. And that's part of the point I would like or we all like to prove, anyway."

And you thought she was doing it for the money.

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A generous Stipe end

"I've got a great butt."

-- Michael Stipe, in a revelation far more shocking than his "queer artist" declaration in Time magazine this week.

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She'll drink to that

Stripping may be easy-peasy for Belinda Carlisle, but for Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, it was apparently hell.

In fact, the supermodel told reporters at Cannes that the nude scene in Brian De Palma's upcoming flick "Femme Fatale" was "the scariest thing" she'd ever done. So she kept a shot glass and a bottle close at hand -- a trick she also used to calm her nerves while filming "X-Men."

But ultimately, Romijn-Stamos said, "practice and a couple of shots of tequila got me through it."

Bottom's up!

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Now where have we heard this before?

"Yeah, keep your eye on the sparrow. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time."

-- O.J. Simpson's best advice to Robert Blake.

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Juicy bits

It may have fallen off the back of a truck, if you know what I mean, but Tony Soprano's maroon and gray Chevy Suburban is apparently no worse for wear. And now, the car, which Tony drove throughout the first season of "The Sopranos," is up for auction June 15 and 16 at the Petersen Auto Museum in Los Angeles. Bidder beware: After you kick the tires, you may wanna check for blood stains.

Former child actor Brad Renfro ("The Client," "Tom and Huck," "Apt Pupil") has landed on the wrong side of the law again -- for the third time in three years. According to E! Online, Renfro, 18, was charged with underage drinking after cops pulled him and a friend over at 1 a.m. on Wednesday. "He was arrested, booked and released on $500 bond," says Knox County Police spokeswoman Martha Dooley. Haven't his parents ever heard the word "curfew"?

In a move sure to delight adolescent boys and dirty old men alike, Britney Spears is allowing her image to be used in an interactive video DVD using something called "FirstPerson" immersive video technology. According to Launch.com, the technology, from Enroute Inc., "allows for an interactive viewing experience that puts the viewer in the center of the action and gives them full control over the camera angles as a recorded event unfolds in a 360-degree wraparound landscape." In other words, viewers can use their joystick to see Spears from any angle. Wait, haven't we already seen her from every angle?

Now that's got kick!

The entries to last week's Kicker Contest proved what I already knew: You guys are hi-frickin'-larious. Your kickers had me snickering all week.

But, alas, I have but one T-shirt to give for my contest, and I'll be sending it out to ... Daniel Lowery, who might want to apply for a job as an idea man at Mattel.

Thanks to all who entered. We'll definitely do it again sometime.

Daniel's kickers are bolded below:

1) Janet Jackson, economist? The perky pop star's told the German edition of Glamour magazine that she never really wanted to be a singer. Instead, she says, she wanted to go to college and study economics or law. But her father, Joe, stood in her way. "I did too much in my life for the sake of my father," Jackson says, but adds that her brother Michael has helped her get past all the bad feelings about her childhood. "Michael made me swear to learn how to enjoy things more and not to let me get myself wound up all the time," she says. It's sad to see someone throwing her life away as a celebrity superstar when she could have been so much more.

2) What Bridget hath wrought: According to the U.K. Sun, a recent survey of 30-something British women by Barclaycard shows there's been a v. big run on control-top underpants since "Bridget Jones's Diary" came out. Twenty-five percent of the women surveyed report that they recently bought the whopping undies that brought the hapless Jones such humiliation -- and many of the women confessed to buying more self-help books and anti-wrinkle creams since sitting through the flick. Whatever it takes to land that Hugh Grant chap, eh?

3) Minimum-wage Barbie? Mattel has just released the McDonald's Fun Time Barbie. That's right -- Barbie's sweating it out flipping burgers and working the Fryolator at Mickie D's. And as always, the little lady's dressed appropriately. According to a press release, "The new Barbie doll proudly wears the colorful McDonald's crew apron and yellow T-shirt with red collar and sleeve trimming. She also sports the red McDonald's hat with the famous arches logo on the front and is wearing shorts with white socks and red tennis shoes." What's more, "A plastic cash register and plastic food tray are also included." Mattel officials refused to confirm rumors of a "Hooters" Barbie in the works.

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