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A panicky couple gets stuck during sex and is rushed to the hospital for disengagement.

Published May 22, 2001 7:41PM (EDT)

In a fiasco that will no doubt obsess nervous young lovers, a Malaysian couple got stuck while having sex last week and had to be rushed to the hospital midcoitus. According to the Straits Times the woman, who is 50, grew "abnormally excited" as a result of a Viagra-like aphrodisiac. The man, 60, found himself unable to disengage, and the two panicked and shouted for help.

Neighbors called an ambulance, which carried the duo -- who looked "like a pair of Siamese twins," according to witnesses -- to a hospital. There the woman was given an injection of something and her lover was able to pull out.

For every high school student who's heard about a couple being unable to disengage during sex, there's always another nearby who explains that this phenomenon is a myth. Now there will be a third ready to settle things with the lowdown in Malaysia.

The legends, which far outnumber the actual incidents of inability to disengage, often seem to come from Africa. They're always told the same way: with plenty of details but no explanation of why, exactly, the lovers got stuck. Just a few months ago rumors of a thusly troubled couple spread throughout Windhoek, Namibia.

The Katima Mulilo State Hospital was forced to issue repeated denials that it was harboring an inseparable pair. According to the unconfirmed story, the growing mob of curious citizens refused to believe the denials. Fights broke out when people weren't allowed to see the couple, and eventually a riot squad was summoned. The hospital ended up admitting a dozen of the troublemakers, who had sustained injuries during the chaos.

The real-life Malaysian couple were released from their hospital to a village of laughers and pointers, according to the Straits Times, but no further difficulties were reported. No word is yet available on how they'll celebrate their release.

By Chris Colin

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