The untalented Mr. Childish

Billy Childish takes on the art establishment in a rambling spoken-word performance aptly titled "Crimes of the Future."

Published May 23, 2001 8:20PM (EDT)

In a 20-year period, Billy Childish has published more than 30 collections of poetry, recorded 80 full-length LPs and produced well over 1,500 paintings. His records with his many different bands, including Thee Headcoats, have been released in this country by Kill Rock Stars, Sub Pop and other indie record labels.

Childish is a fountain of invective and left-wing propaganda disguised as gritty garage punk. He never seems to tire of writing strident salvos such as the droning "Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot" and the self-explanatory farmer's-blow expectoration "Blood, Piss and Sperm."

Listen to "Crimes of the Future," Childish's take on art and culture, from the Kill Rock Stars "Wordcore 7" release.

By Salon Staff

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