How to make an American blabbermouth

Does Brad know? Winona says Jennifer's a "very good kisser"; porn star on Bruce Willis: "We had sex all night long." Plus: Monica wants her dress back!

Published May 24, 2001 4:19PM (EDT)

Jennifer Aniston's kiss is on Winona Ryder's list of the best things in life.

And she'd really like us to know that their televised lesbian smackage on "Friends" just didn't do it justice. Aniston's 'do, Ryder says, got in the way.

"When I saw the episode, all you see is hair and you don't see lips," Ryder tells "Access Hollywood." "I was kind of bummed out because we got a couple of chances to do some pretty nice kisses. She's a very good kisser."

Can I interest her in a "Jennifer Forever" tattoo?

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Deuce Bigalow makes his move

"I want to find out what's underneath that coat of yours. I think you're the sexy link, Anne."

-- Rob Schneider to Anne Robinson on a celebrity edition of "Weakest Link."

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Try hard with a vengeance?

Speaking of celebrity kissing and telling, a porn star named Alisha Klass ("Mission to Uranus," "Tushy Heaven") has told Steppin' Out magazine that Bruce Willis is one randy man. (I guess what they say about bald men is true.)

How does she know? Klass says she and Willis had a seriously hot fling until Demi Moore took it upon herself to break them up.

What started out as an Internet romance, Klass says, with the two of them exchanging nudie petutie photos and video images ("I have video footage of Bruce naked," she claims), quickly blossomed into a real-life tryst. (Mission to Uranus: Accomplished?)

The first time they hit the sack together, she recalls, "We had sex all night long. He's such a great lover. He really knows what he's doing."

And -- guess what? -- old Brucie's a talker. "What I really liked about him is that he told me what to do during sex. I really liked that."

Too bad he didn't tell her not to go blabbing to the press.

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But I hear he loves Streisand

"All these rumors about [Tom Cruise] being gay. I don't believe it. I don't believe it for one minute. He hasn't been to one of my shows."

-- Bette Midler on Nicole's ex, during a recent New York appearance, in the New York Daily News.

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And they might dry-clean it first

Note to those meanies in the Independent Counsel's office: Monica Lewinsky would like her dress back.

"It's her lawyer's position she is entitled to have back all of her possessions," Lewinsky's spokeswoman Judi Nadler told Bloomberg News earlier this week.

Nadler says her client has no intention of selling the infamous presidential-semen-stained Gap frock, despite the fact that it could net her hundreds of thousands of dollars -- or more. She did not say what Lewinsky does intend to do with it. (Sew it into her Real Monica handbags, perhaps?)

However, a spokesman for Kenneth Starr's replacement, Robert Ray, told the New York Daily News that his office will decide what to do with the dress "in due time."

Well, whatever they do, I hope they don't get any more stains on it.

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