Second-hand stalking

Was Kidman's stalker on the rebound from tailing Schiffer? Plus: Spears and Aguilera offered $2 million to strip, and "Sopranos" rumors dumped in the river!

Published May 25, 2001 4:46PM (EDT)

Did Nicole Kidman get Claudia Schiffer's sloppy seconds in the stalker department?

It seems Kidman's alleged stalker, Mathew "I've never stalked anyone" Hooker, he of the flowers, ice cream and acting/directing/writing/ composing/arranging/songwriting/poetic aspirations, had his eye on the German supermodel more than a year ago.

In fact, the New York Daily News reports, just last month, Hooker filed a lawsuit against American and Iberia Airlines, claiming the airlines messed up his "Easter holiday" last year on Majorca, the Spanish island where the frequently stalked Schiffer has a house.

In his suit, Hooker maintains that he was "drugged" and pick-pocketed by his fellow passengers on a flight en route to Barcelona -- and was consequently was unable to rent a car in Majorca. After schlepping out to Schiffer's villa on foot -- "heavy luggage" in tow -- not once, but twice, Hooker was apparently repeatedly turned away by Schiffer's mother and sister. Much to his dismay, he eventually found shelter in the local police station, but not before being felled by a double hernia from those blasted "heavy" bags.

Schiffer, you'll recall, has had no shortage of stalkers in the last year or so. There was the guy who showed up with a marriage proposal and not one wedding ring, but two. And don't forget the Spanish fellow who left his bloody handprints and his car behind.

But a guy who proves his love with hernias? Now that's something special.

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Just say yes

"I can't tell you how many messages I've got on my answering machine from my friends asking me whether or not I'm going to rock 'em."

-- Heath Ledger on how the "Knight's Tale" tagline "He Will Rock You" has rocked his world.

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Extracurricular 'canoodling'? Fuhgeddaboudit!

Remember those reports about "Sopranos" stars Jamie-Lynn Sigler (Meadow) and Jason Cerbone (the late Jackie Jr). steaming it up off the set? So totally false, Sigler would have you know.

"He's an absolute sweetheart," Sigler says of her former costar on "All of my girlfriends are in love with him and tell me how lucky I was that I got to make out with him."

But their mash sessions have been for the camera's eyes only, Sigler insists. "There's been no 'canoodling,' no 'bussing'" off the set, she says. "We're just very good friends."


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Some like it taut

"If I need a little screw tightening up in my face, I'll get it."

-- Tony Curtis, who is set to appear in a musical version of "Some Like It Hot" in Las Vegas, on his willingness to get more plastic surgery.

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Naked stars and free PR

Something tells me neither Britney Spears nor Christina Aguilera will take them up on their offer, but the marketing geniuses over at deserve credit for trying.

The site, which features sports articles and photos of naked women in the spirit of the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue "but without the swimsuits," is offering each perky pop star $2 million to pose sans crop-top (and crop-bottom) for its photographer.

What I want to know is, when neither woman opts to doff, will they give the money to the out-of-the-box thinker who came up with this admirable PR scheme? They really should.

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Rodman cries foul

"I get harassed every day, every day."

-- Dennis Rodman on the hassle he suffers at the hands of his neighbors, who've been complaining about his ultra-noisy wild parties (loud music, yelling, unauthorized helicopter landings ... ) for years.

What about Bob?

Today, Bob Dylan turns 60 years and one day old. So, in honor of Bob's big day, today's "Extra" bit is a little true/false quiz featuring some choice words uttered by the legend himself over the years -- and some things I made up. Can you tell the difference?

1) "I didn't consciously pursue the Bob Dylan myth. It was given to me ... by God."

2) "Don't forget to support your public library."

3) "I am Bob Dylan, by God!"

4) "If I wasn't Bob Dylan, I'd probably think that Bob Dylan has a lot of answers myself."

5) "I am sick and tired of Bob Dylan."

6) "Always wear sunscreen."

7) "I am my own worst enemy."

8) "I am my words."

9) "I yam what I yam."

10) "A poem is a naked person ... Some people say that I am a poet."

11) "A song strips you bare. I am my music, naked but for a song."

12) "What people don't realize is, fame sucks."

13) "People have one great blessing -- obscurity -- and not really too many people are thankful for it."

14) "He hurt his foot today, we had to call a toe truck!"

15) "We just flew in from Vegas and boy are our arms tired."

16) "His wife is so fat that when she sits around the house, she sits around the house."

17) "He must have thought he was playing golf today because he wore two shirts, in case he gets a hole in one."

18) "When people say I'm crazy, that really drives me nuts."

19) "I do know what my songs are about. Some are about four minutes, some are about five, and some, believe it or not, are about eleven or twelve."

20) "I think that words like 'icon' or 'legend' are just other terms for guys of the day before yesterday of which nobody wants to know these days."

21) "Legend's just another word for nothing left to lose."

22) "I love children, I love animals, I am loyal to my friends, I have a sense of humor, I have a generally happy outlook. I try to be on time for appointments. I have a good relationship with my wife. I take criticism well. I strive to do good work. I try to find some good in everybody."

23) "There doesn't seem to be any tomorrow. Every time I wake up, no matter in what position, it's always been today."

24) "I try not to get too hung up on time. It's all about tomorrow. Yesterday's gone."

25) "It's like that song -- what is it? -- the sun'll come out tomorrow?"

26) "You know, I was talking to Neil Young the other day, and he said to me, "Sometimes the world just gets me down, man." And I says to Neil, I says, "Neil, if life gives you lemons, make lemonade."

27) "You know, I was talking to Neil Young yesterday, and he said to me, he said, 'Bob, you just can't hear cool music on the radio anymore.' And I says to Neil, I says, 'Sure you just need to stick your radio in the refrigerator."

28) "I almost didn't make it tonight. Had a flat tire, there was a fork in the road."

29) "If there's a fork in the road, take it."

30) "Stick a fork in us; we're done!"


1) True (People, November 10, 1975)

2) True (George, Washington, June 18, 2000)

3) False

4) True (Playboy, March 1978)

5) False

6) False

7) False

8) True (Newsweek 1963)

9) False

10) True (Bringing it All Back Home, jacket notes, 1965)

11) False

12) False

13) True (Playboy interview, February 1966)

14) True (Introducing a band member, Rochester, Minn., March 31, 2000)

15) False

16) False

17) True (Oklahoma City, July 6, 2000)

18) False

19) True (Playboy interview, February 1966)

20) True (Der Spiegel, October 1997)

21) False

22) True (The Nashville Banner, 1969)

23) True (Playboy interview, February 1966)

24) False

25) False

26) False

27) True (Phoenix, Ariz., June 27, 1999)

28) True (Hollywood, Calif., June 22 1999)

29) False

30) False

NOTE: Actual quotes collected by this Dylan fan site

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