Brooke Shields, scam artist

Using mannequins, Agassi's ex faked her wedding to throw off her stalker; J.Lo saves her choking boyfriend; Jolie explains her sexiness. Plus: Heche wanders among wedding gowns!

Published May 31, 2001 4:10PM (EDT)

Brooke Shields, suddenly slyer than you'd think.

The actress and her new husband, "Spin City" director Chris Henchy, apparently set up an elaborate ruse to convince her stalker and the prying press that they tied the knot on Catalina Island back in April. According to veteran gossipist Liz Smith, the duo faked a ceremony, printing up fake-o invitations and propping up mannequins as stand-ins for themselves, selling the resulting photographs to the press and snickering to themselves as the story of their nuptials got picked up all over the world.

But Henchy reportedly did make an honest woman of Shields last Saturday, at a Roman Catholic ceremony (Shields had her marriage to Andre Agassi annulled) attended by both of Shields' divorced parents.

So if you didn't get them a gift yet, there's still time.

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No more sad songs

"I haven't said no and I haven't said yes. I don't want to be the Paxil Guy. But I've been open about it up to now."

-- Donny Osmond on being approached by the makers of the anti-depressant Paxil when they offered to sponsor his current tour, in the Toronto Sun.

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J.Lo to the rescue

You might not want to borrow a dress from her in a snowstorm, but Jennifer Lopez is apparently just the sort of person you might like to have around if you get your lunch stuck in your windpipe. reports that Lopez leaped to her feet and did the Heimlich maneuver on her boyfriend Cris Judd after he began to choke on a morsel of bread while they were lunching at Ivy in Los Angeles. After a few quick thrusts upward, Judd's pipes were clear and the duo got back down to the business of eating.

"She kept a cool head and did the right thing," one witness told the Web site. "She was very impressive. She calmed him down and they went on with their meal."

Was that Puffy in the kitchen with a baguette?

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There she goes again

"I love sex, and since I think about it a lot, I can imagine that lots of people find me sexy."

-- Angelina Jolie, boiling herself down to her essence in the German health magazine Fit for Fun.

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Kissing Brad was the Pitts

Winona Ryder may have just given Jennifer Aniston the big thumbs up in the kissing department, but Kirsten Dunst says sucking face with Aniston's hubby was y-u-k ... yuk!

Back when she appeared in "Interview With a Vampire," Dunst tells Ananova, she was required to mash with Brad Pitt, "and it was 'Ugh.'"

Of course, she was 11 at the time.

"There's nothing sexual or sexy when you're that age," Dunst says. "So I was kissing Brad Pitt. So what? He had chapped lips. He was lovely and kind and sweet to me, but it was just yuk."

There goes that fantasy.

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Saddam strikes again

"There is surely a very long list of people with more significant grievances than I have against Saddam Hussein, and they can't do anything. So I think you just have to smile and say that's the way it goes."

-- Canadian artist Jonathon Bowser on the unauthorized use of his artwork for the cover of the Iraqi president's romantic novel, "Zabibah and the King."

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Juicy bits

Who's gonna break the news to Ellen? The New York Daily News reports that Anne Heche, who's been dating cameraman Coley Laffoon since October, was spotted checking out bridal gowns at Saks Fifth Avenue in Beverly Hills last week. "It wasn't a formal visit, and she didn't register for anything," a source told the paper. "But she was definitely there." Maybe she was having one of those "sunstroke" moments again ...

Maybe Hugh Grant just wasn't tall enough for Elizabeth Hurley. According to Sports Illustrated, the actress has a brand-new beau, Dallas Mavericks point guard Steve Nash. The two met at a party in Dallas, where Hurley is shooting "Servicing Sara" with Matthew Perry, Nash's agent, Bill Duffy, told the sports mag and "they just vibed. The relationship is authentic." So don't go suggesting she's just on the rebound.

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