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The son of "Hogan's Heroes" star Bob Crane sells his late dad's porn shots; Barbie loves 'N Sync; "Survivor's" Colleen gets squeamish. Plus: Prince bones up on the Scriptures.

Published June 4, 2001 4:18PM (EDT)

Some kids write tell-all books about their famous parents. Scotty Crane opted for a show-all instead.

Scotty, son of late "Hogan's Heroes" star Bob Crane, who is as famous for his pornographic proclivities and grisly 1978 murder in a seedy Arizona hotel room as he is for any of his legit TV or film roles, has decided to release a collection of his father's porn shots in book form.

According to, where the "pictorial history" is being sold for $55, "The Faces of Bob Crane" features "totally uncensored photos of Bob and friends letting it all hang out, including group sex shots" along with tamer photos of the actor with Marilyn Monroe, Jerry Lewis and other clothed Hollywood types.

It is, Scotty says, a fitting tribute to his porn-diggin' pops. "Thirty years before there was Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, Bob Crane was pioneering amateur pornography," the Web site declares. "For the first time ever, see the controversial photographs that may well have cost Bob Crane his life!"

Scotty says he also aims to debunk a few rumors. "There were a lot of stories out there that he was into S/M and that he photographed people without their knowledge," he tells the New York Post. "These photos prove that was not true."

They also prove that Scotty's old man got pretty paunchy toward the end there ...

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Ben's bombshell

"I do lament the increasing reliance of American young people on pop culture and movies and TV for their moral view and sense of the world."

-- Ben Affleck -- with a straight face! -- in the Toronto Sun.

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Barbie's questionable taste in music

Oops! Britney Spears may no longer be 'N Sync's biggest fan. And -- gasp! -- the new holder of that title may actually have an even more plastic-perfect body than the crop-topped pop star.

Mattel has announced the release of the 'N Sync fan edition Barbie. According to the press release, the special edition Barbie and "friends" Eve and Teresa (who?) come clad in jeans and a tie-dyed 'N Sync T-shirt. They'll also be packaged with a special 'N Sync remix CD, a banner and an autograph book.

The sad part is, now poor Ken's left 'N the dust.

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Gotta hand it to her ...

"This last one ["Survivor: The Australian Outback"] had this guy's hands burning off, and I said, 'My God, this is a TV show. You see this on the news every night, why do you need to see people putting themselves in this situation?'"

-- "Survivor" veteran and "The Animal" star Colleen Haskell, she of the festering bug-infested leg sores, expressing disgust at successor Michael Skupin's badly burnt hands.

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Juicy bits

The sleekest link? A recent survey of women in the U.K. conducted by Wella has found that "Weakest Link" host Anne Robinson has one of the most desirable hairstyles in the country, ranking fifth after the likes of Meg Ryan, Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham and Davina McCall. "It's not unusual for high-profile celebrities to set hair trends," Wella artistic consultant and celeb tressmeister Keith Harris told UK. "Anne's hairstyle suits her well. Whatever you may think of Anne she is always well groomed." In other words, the woman has one mean 'do.

Don't expect Prince to come knocking on your door in hopes of discussing the state of your soul just yet. The artist formerly known as an unpronounceable symbol insists he's just thinking about becoming a Jehovah's Witness, and hasn't yet committed to anything. According to his Web site, "Altho PRINCE is studying The Holy Scriptures with brothers from The Jehovah's Witnesses, he is not a baptized publisher, yet. Stay 2ned." So when I reported he'd converted, I spoke 2 soon.

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