The jihad against Chuy's

Conservatives call for payback on Jenna Bush's alcohol bust.

Published June 6, 2001 7:33PM (EDT)

Anger management

The fight over the Bush twins' drinking bust continues, courtesy of American Politics Journal's Pamela Parker. Parker claims the president's supporters are waging "a bitter jihad of retaliation against Chuy's, the Austin restaurant at which the young lushes violated the law -- and the bar manager who did the right thing and phoned police."

"The attacks against Mia Lawrence, the bar manager, are being orchestrated on the Internet. Her address, date of birth, drivers license and registration information, physical description, and even birth information about her infant child have been posted on, along with calls for punitive actions. Web site's sysop pulled some of the information as it was called to his attention -- to his credit -- but the info has circulated and been posted to other Internet forums to spread the 'Get Lawrence' frenzy," Parker writes.

Of course, somehow, it always comes back to Florida.

Parker says the Free Republic thread is just more "mob thuggery" from Bush supporters, on display "most recently in post-election Florida. The 'skills' of demonization, propaganda and pack assaults are nurtured by right-wing hate-filled press such as the FOX News Channel, talk radio, and certain Internet sites, including those named above. Eight years of vicious attacks on the Clinton family were only the baby steps of political warfare, it appears."

Wednesday, a new thread on the Free Republic popped up with the title "Chuy's Manager, Mia Lawrence, Holds Press Conference, Apologizes for Being Snitch." But inside, there was no link to an article, just a photo of Linda Tripp.

"I'm sure Linda will forgive me for highlighting the irony in how the media decides who is and isn't a 'snitch,'" writes Doctor Raoul. "I'm taping this thread and calling 911."

Meanwhile, the Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission has launched an investigation into the restaurant because Bush's daughter Barbara and another 19-year-old were served alcohol. "They served two minors, and I want to know why," said Capt. David Ball, TABC enforcement supervisor in Austin.

"WOW, they just shot themselves in the foot," writes Free Republic poster TexMex. "When TABC flags an establishment for liquer violations they don't let up. You folks [who] think the ATF and the FBI are intrusive have never dealt with TABC, gestapo at its finest."

Writes another: "Karma can be such a pain in the ass."

By Anthony York

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