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Salon's TV picks for Weekend, June 8-10, 2001

Published June 8, 2001 5:52PM (EDT)


The new animated series Time Squad (9 p.m. Fri., Cartoon Network) debuts. A kid and a robot time travel to stop historical figures from committing blunders that would alter the future. Sounds a little "Sherman and Peabody"-ish to me, but what do I know? Robin Williams gets James Lipton's undying adoration on a new Inside the Actors Studio (8 p.m. ET/9 PT, Sun., Bravo). E! True Hollywood Story (9 p.m. Sun., E!) gets the goods on the making of John Hughes' 1984 coming-of-age comedy "Sixteen Candles," which starred Molly Ringwald, Anthony Michael Hall and a host of other half-forgotten teen stars (John and Joan Cusack, excepted). Carrie makes beautiful music with a jazz musician (Craig Bierko) on Sex and the City (9 p.m. Sun., HBO). Proving that HBO isn't perfect, we have the inexplicable sixth season opener of Arliss (9:30 p.m., Sun., HBO). The Fisher brothers get a shock at the reading of their father's will on Six Feet Under (10 p.m. Sun., HBO).


Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan's head-bobbing disco losers the Butabi brothers made it to the big screen in 1998's A Night at the Roxbury (8 p.m. Sat., NBC) which, sadly, won no Academy Awards. Ferrell and Kattan's talents are put to much better use in Saturday Night Live: Best of Game Show Parodies (10 p.m. Sat., NBC), which will hopefully include Alex Trebek (Ferrell) and Sean Connery (Darrell Hammond) matching wits on "Celebrity Jeopardy." It's a small world after all: Walt Disney World's Summer Jam Concert (7 p.m. Sun., ABC) is an hour of ABC air time to plug the parent company's Disney resorts and cruise lines. The Baha Men, Shaggy, BBMak, Dream and Sugar Ray perform. Followed by Voyage to Atlantis: The Lost Empire (9 p.m. Sun., ABC), a trailer for Disney's upcoming animated feature film. The new cable movie The Big Heist (9 p.m. Sun., A&E) stars Donald Sutherland in the true story of Jimmy "the Gent" Burke's daring $8 million heist from the Lufthansa terminal at New York's JFK Airport in 1978.


NBA Finals:
76ers at Lakers, Game 2 (9 p.m. Fri., NBC); Lakers at 76ers, Game 3 (7:30 p.m. Sun., NBC)

Braves at Yankees (7 p.m. Fri., TBS; 8 p.m. Sun., ESPN)
Angels at Dodgers (4 p.m. Sat., Fox)
College World Series (3 p.m., 7 p.m. Fri., ESPN; 1:30 p.m. Sat., CBS; 7:30 p.m. Sat., ESPN2; 3 p.m. Sun., ESPN; 7 p.m. Sun., ESPN2)

French Open:
Men's semifinals (10 a.m. Fri., NBC; 1 p.m. Fri., USA)
Women's final (2 p.m. Sat., NBC)
Men's final (9 a.m. Sun., NBC)

Stanley Cup Championship:
Devils at Avalanche, Game 7, if necessary (8 p.m. Sat., ABC)


Rosie O'Donnell (syndicated) Edie Falco, Orlando Jones
David Letterman (CBS) Andy Dick
Jay Leno (NBC) Alicia Silverstone, the Cult
Politically Incorrect (ABC) Coolio, Stella Stevens
Conan O'Brien (NBC) Alan Cumming, Orlando Jones
Craig Kilborn (CBS) Gisele

All times Eastern unless noted.

By Joyce Millman

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