Sexy or nasty?

Bootylicious Beyonc

Published June 8, 2001 4:52PM (EDT)

Say their name, say their name. But whatever you do, don't say they're nasty.

The members of Destiny's Child insist that there's a fine line -- one they're careful not to cross -- between sexy and nasty.

"We definitely consider ourselves role models," the trio's 19-year-old frontwoman Beyoncé Knowles tells the Toronto Sun. "We're very aware there are people looking up to us. But there's a line between sexy and nasty, and Destiny's Child is sexy, yes we are, but we're never nasty."

So put that in your Bootylicious and smoke it.

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Do as I say, not as I get paid obscene sums to do

"I wouldn't encourage my child to work in an industry that focuses on superficial attributes."

-- Christy Turlington on how she and Ed Burns plan not to birth a whole passel of mini-models, in the New York Post.

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Time for another hanky-dress?

J.Lo is definitely not going to be happy when she hears the news. Not only was she edged out by Salma Hayek as People en Español's sexiest woman of the year, but she also got trampled in a similar poll by Maxim Online.

According to the people over at Maxim, some 57,000 users chose Shannon Elizabeth as woman of the year. Kirsten Dunst was close behind in second place, while Lopez "barely slid in at third."

Perhaps a few nasty vs. sexy lessons from Destiny's Child are in order?

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Look who's pulling a Zellweger

"The last time I was on this show, I was fat."

-- John Travolta admitting to former flabbiness on "The Tonight Show."

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Men are from Mars; Women are from Mars, too?

Bernadette Peters is not a lesbian, but she'll soon play one on TV.

"I just got back from Ireland, where I wrapped 'Bobbie's Girl' for Showtime," the actress told New York gossipist Baird Jones at the premiere party for her new indie film "Let It Snow" this week. "I play a lesbian in a love relationship with Rachel Ward. It's the first time I've played a homosexual, and I thought it was very fulfilling."

What did she learn from the experience? That the whole male/female difference thing is way overrated.

"I found kissing Rachel Ward was the same as kissing a man," she says.

I'm guessing Ward's husband might be a little surprised to hear that.

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Juicy bits

Look out. Sharon Stone wants her day in court. The actress has filed suit against the producers of the left-for-dead "Basic Instinct" sequel, Daily Variety reports. Stone contends that Mario Kassar and Andy Vaina had a verbal agreement to pay her at least $14 million to make the sequel, plus 15 percent of the gross -- and is looking for $100 million in damages now that the deal's fallen through. Kassar and Vaina insist that no such deal was ever formalized, and that any contention to the contrary is pure fabrication on Stone's part. Maybe she had her legs ... I mean, fingers ... crossed.

Despite what you may have heard, Kate Winslet's no Mother Teresa. And her agent has told Reuters she has no idea why people were pegging the actress to play the late, good-deed-doing Roman Catholic nun in an Indian film about her life. Well, no harm done, I suppose. But let's just hope whoever did start the false nun rumors doesn't plan to make a habit of it. (Then again, Winslet might want to reconsider. If they stage it on a ship and cast Leonardo DiCaprio as Nelson Mandela, I think it could get green-lighted.)

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