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"I was a thirty-something dyke watching this sweet ass slide its way down the hall." An excerpt from a collection of short stories.

Published June 18, 2001 7:30PM (EDT)

It was when she walked away that she caught my attention.

She was a big, juicy woman and filled out her short black skirt with an ass that shook me out of my fog. She wore a pair of black heels, sheer nylons, and a standard white blouse that all deserved my undivided attention. But the only thing I could see as she walked away was that curvy, round ass. The way it swung from side to side, you would've thought there was an exclamation point on either side of her.

I had been moving my desk closer to the window when she knocked on my office door.


I looked up, startled to see someone standing there. The desk was dusty, and my hands were dark and sooty. Some of it had rubbed off on my pants.

"Hi," I said, wiping my hands off.

"I work in Purchasing, down the hall," she smiled. "I just wanted to make sure that all the supplies you ordered came in."

I looked around my office for anything that remotely resembled office supplies. I spotted an official-looking box.

"I think everything's here," I said from behind my desk. "To be honest, I haven't even unpacked my own stuff yet." I wondered what my hair looked like.

"Oh, sure. Just let me know if you need anything." She had big brown eyes. "Actually, just fill out a supply request form and bring it down to our office." I nodded my head and said, "Thanks."

She turned to leave. "Nice to meet you -- and welcome to the college."


The whole exchange lasted less than two minutes, but the second she turned to walk away, everything slowed down. Like in a bad movie where the geek sees the girl of his dreams and she walks away in slow motion. Except I was a thirty-something dyke watching this sweet ass slide its way down the hall.

She turned at the end of the corridor and was out of sight, but I could still hear the echo of her clicking heels on the linoleum.

I went back to my office and sat down. I leaned back and imagined her sitting on top of my desk with her skirt hiked up. She'd have her legs spread wide open in front of me. I'd bury my head between her thighs, and she'd wrap her hands around my head and hold on. I'd take her in slowly, savoring each bite. She'd come and pull my face into her, digging her nails into the back of my head, and squeezing her thighs to my cheeks.

I licked my lips and could taste her.

"Well, how are you settling in?"

My boss's voice startled me out of my thoughts, and I went back to work.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

I didn't see her again until two days later

I had gone to the campus center cafeteria for lunch and passed her in line. I could smell her perfume as she walked by. I said hello and thought that she may have held my gaze a little longer than needed. I wasn't sure. She was wearing a pair of pants, but her ass still looked great. Round and full.

I got my lunch and sat at the opposite end of the cafeteria. I'd glance over at her table every so often. The front of her was as impressive as the back.

I figured that if I needed to, I could get her into my office again under the guise of a purchase order or something. She'd be in the black skirt from the day before, and as we talked I'd have her pushed up against the wall. I'd slowly unbutton her white blouse and pull out each of her tits. She'd moan and wrap one of her legs around my back and hook her heel into my belt loop. Then I'd push her back against the wall and suck on each one of her huge brown nipples until she begged me to fuck her.

Someone walked by and spilled a Coke on the floor next to me. It hit the ground and splattered all over my pants.


"Sorry, sorry, sorry," some nervous coed chirped. By the time I finished wiping off my pants she was gone.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

The week passed quickly. I was busy getting settled and organized, and it wasn't until I was sitting in a two-hour new employee orientation that I saw her again.

I happened to look out the window as she was walking across the quad. Her whole body moved on cue when she walked.

First her breasts swung forward a little, and then each hip moved out to the sides, and finally her ass finished everything off. I had to meet this woman. This schoolboy fantasy bullshit was killing me. Maybe I was going through some sort of early midlife crisis. If I got a chance to do her again (assuming there'd be that first time), though, I'd have her on the couch in my office. She'd be on her stomach and I'd push her skirt up to her waist (I was really groovin' on the whole skirt thing). She'd arch up to meet me and I'd slide my tongue right in her ass. I'd spend hours just flicking my tongue in and out of her until she begged. Then I'd make her touch herself. She'd come right there on the couch, with my tongue up her ass and her fingers on her cunt.

The other new employees started to file out the door when I realized the orientation was over. I sighed and reluctantly headed back to my office.

We finally met up again the next day as we were both walking to the parking lot.

"Well, hello, stranger," she said. "I've been wondering how you were doing." She didn't look as if she had office supplies on her mind. But, given my state of hormonal imbalance, I wasn't much of a judge.

"Really?" I said, trying to look inviting.

I'm sure we must have talked about something as we headed toward her car, but it could have been nuclear physics, for all I was concerned. I was lost thinking about the spots where her hair touched her neck and how the skin around her jaw moved when she talked. In fact it even took me a minute to realize she had her hand on top of mine. We had stopped and I was looking cool, leaning against her hood. I thought she was just going to pat the top of my hand, but she just left it there. My heart and clit jumped.

"It seems like I've seen you everywhere lately," she mused. The hand stayed.

"Uh-huh." I was sure I looked like an idiot.

As I was looking down at our hands, she slowly leaned in and kissed my neck right below my ear.

"I'm assuming you like girls," she whispered. I was thinking she was a little too sure of herself. She kissed me again, this time lower. "Cause I do."

The only thing that kept me from thinking this wasn't just another fantasy was the silky feel of her lipstick coming off onto my skin. Like tattoos, she left her mark around my ear and neck and finally pressed herself onto my bone-dry lips. We kissed in the parking lot for a minute before I asked to take her home. She said she had a better place in mind and led me back into the building.

She headed toward my office, and when we got there she asked me to unlock my door. I couldn't remember which key was for what door or how I'd wanted to fuck her first. Was I gonna do her on the desk first, or on the couch?

She was standing close behind me as I jingled the keys and felt her exhale. I was thinking about bending her over my desk when she reached around and grabbed my breast.

"Wait ..." I said, as I finally got the door unlocked and we stumbled into my office. She had unbuttoned one of my buttons and was going for the second. This wasn't what I had in mind.

I turned around, took both of her hands, and tried pulling them behind her. She didn't budge. The momentum caught us both off balance, and we ended up slamming into the back of the door.

I thought I hurt her.

She smiled. "Don't fuck with me."

Before the words were out of her mouth, she had hooked her foot behind my heel and pushed my chest back. I fell flat on my back with a thud. She fucking tripped me! What a cheap goddamn trick. She was on top of me in an instant, sitting on my chest and pinning my elbows underneath her knees.

"I had five brothers," she said, looking down at me.

Definitely not what I had in mind. I had my hands up in a defensive posture, but instead of belting me one she pulled her sweater up over her head and threw it into the corner. Her large breasts fell out over the top of her bra.

"I'm in charge," she said as she stood up. "Or else I'm outta here."

Her tits were hypnotic. I lay my hands back down and nodded. I could like this.

She peeled her nylons off and then put her heels back on and sat down on top of my chest. I could really like this.

I lifted my chin and could see her dark pubic hair through the front of her skirt. She leaned forward and I dropped my head back.

"You wanna get under my skirt?"

She was a piece of work. She got up on her knees and hiked her skirt up to her waist. She was soaked. I reached up and finally got to squeeze that ass. I waited for her to lower herself on top of me. She hung out with her cunt inches from my face for what seemed like four hours. I strained my neck to get at her, until finally she lowered herself onto me and let her skirt drop. I parted her slick lips and practically devoured her in the darkness of her skirt. Her thighs squeezed my head and her heels pressed against my biceps as she rode my tongue and pressed herself down into my face. Her hips swayed back and forth and her hands dropped to the floor above my head as she moaned and ground herself into me. At some point my tongue lost the rhythm as she swiveled and circled her clit over my entire mouth. I moved my hands to her hips in a feeble attempt to rein her in, but she was gone. Her pubic bone pressed down on my lips and the soft fabric of her skirt pulled at my hair. She came with hot, jerky movements, her whole pussy pressed into my face.

When she finally stopped, she was on all fours. She pulled her cunt back from my face and then dropped just the tip of her clit back to my tongue. She left it, in an almost conciliatory gesture, for me to play with. Her breasts swayed back and forth as I sucked and pulled on her pearl-sized clit. She barely touched down, but my tongue and lips were happy for that little, tiny piece of her. She stayed, teasing me with her clit until her legs got tired. I thought maybe I could flip her and get at her ass, but she was done. She stood up and pulled her skirt down over her hips and thighs.

"This was good," she said as she buttoned up her shirt. She left her bra and nylons on the floor. I wondered if I was supposed to hold onto those for later. I was still flat on my back. "I may come back." Then she took the bottom of her foot and pressed it right on top of my clit and circled it three times. She stopped, gave me a smirk, and walked out. The last thing I saw from my view on the floor that night was her, her heels clicking on the linoleum, that big hot ass swinging from side to side down the hall.

By Dawn Dougherty

Dawn Dougherty is a contributor to the fiction collection "Zaftig: Well Rounded Erotica."

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