Heather Graham: Poop jokes don't stink!

Fart humor's a gas, says the sophisticated actress; Shaq gets naughty in latest rap; Jolie brings a harness home to Billy Bob. Plus: Mike Tyson punches his pet tigers in the balls!

Published June 21, 2001 4:37PM (EDT)

Bring on the fart jokes and the bathroom humor. Heather Graham thinks they're a big old hoot.

"Grossness doesn't really bother me," Graham tells IMDB.com. "Nothing's too gross. I think all those things like bodily functions are normal things, so why is it so taboo?"

Then again, she does have her limits, she says. "Rape I don't think is funny, beating women up is not so funny, but other than that I don't mind grossness."

Got that? Poo jokes, funny. Rape, not funny.

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Why I'm thinking of renaming Nothing Personal "Angie Sez"

"After a week it got a little sore, so the stunt crew made me a fur-lined harness. It was a joke, but I'm taking it home and I'll see what Billy and I can do with it."

-- Angelina Jolie on the effect of the "Tomb Raider" bungee-jumping scenes on her not-so-private private parts, in Esquire.

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Shaq attack (Eminem, watch your back)

Looks like Shaquille O'Neal's hellbent on completely un-Disney-fying himself. The L.A. Lakers center is following up his team's big win last week by teaming up with members of Korn and 311 on a new rap rant about the pressures of fame called "Psycho."

"'Psycho' is just the other side of me -- the side that I'm really not allowed to show," Shaq tells SonicNet. "It's just how I get sometimes. I get stressed out, and I get pent up."

And when he unpents, he lets loose with lyrics like these: "I want y'all to hear me/Respect me and fear me/Ahh, I suggest you don't get near me/I'm psycho, and I don't think clearly."

Proof of that last part? "Critics, when you hear this, don't say jack/I'm the shit; I was born out my mother's ass crack."

Heather Graham, you're only encouraging him.

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Angie sez more

"If there was a safe way to drink his blood, I'd love to. We've thought about it. You lay in bed and you just want to bite holes in each other. It's not about cutting yourself or some kind of weird thing -- now it's just, 'I want to eat him.'"

-- Angelina Jolie on her uncontrollable hunger for hubby Billy Bob Thornton, in Rolling Stone.

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Juicy bits

You can't go around calling Britney Spears dead and get away with it. Dallas DJs Kramer and Twitch, who touched off a fan frenzy last week when they falsely reported that Spears was kaputski and Justin Timberlake was in a coma following a Los Angeles car wreck, have gotten the can from their station, KEGL-FM. The station has also sent a letter of apology to Spears and to her mom, Lynne. "From what I understand from Britney's management, her mother spent the night believing Britney had been killed," KEGL program director Dwayne Dougherty told the New York Post. Oops!

Calling PETA: Mike Tyson tells the upcoming issue of Maxim that he likes to stay in fighting form by sparring with his four Bengal tigers. "I punch 'em in the balls and in the face," the boxer boasts. "It's like punching a cement wall. They like it." Actually, forget PETA ... Who's gonna break the news to Siegfried and Roy?

When you're naked, do you look just like Julianne Moore? She thinks you do. "We all look exactly alike!" the actress tells GQ magazine, explaining why she's A-OK with nude scenes. "Every time I go into a locker room, I'm reminded of that. Somehow, in the flesh, a whole bunch of people standing around doesn't really look like much of anything, one way or the other." I think Julianne really needs to get out of L.A.

Who needs sterile hospital rooms and doctors? All Ricki Lake needed was her own bathtub, a nurse-midwife and a couple of helpers (including her husband, Rob Sussman) to deliver her second child, Owen Tyler Sussman, at her New York apartment on Monday. The unconventional hatching is what is known as a "water birth." "Rob and I agreed this was a gentle way to bring Owen Tyler into the world," Lake told the press. "It was an incredibly magical and emotionally rewarding experience." Five bucks says Ricki wasn't the one who cleaned out the tub.

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