Seinfeld considers crawling back

Another season isn't out of the question; Dylan's made a stone saint. Plus: Crudup and Pitt to be Coppola's Beat boys, and Danny Bonaduce wrecks his boat and hits his head!

Published June 25, 2001 4:50PM (EDT)

The return of "Seinfeld"?

Well, possibly not for a while, but Jerry Seinfeld says reviving the four whiniest characters in TV history is not completely out of the question.

"That'll be a possibility once all four [of our] careers are definitely in the toilet," Seinfeld tells TV Guide.

And while some of his erstwhile costars have been doing their parts to make old Jerry a man of his word, Seinfeld himself says he's been kicking back and enjoying his own reruns.

Since the show went off the air, he says, "I've gotten to watch the show myself a little bit, which I never did during the nine years ... In fact, when people come up to me now and say, 'You know, I never saw your show when it was on, but I'm really getting into the reruns,' I always say, 'Yeah, me too.'"

I'm sure there's a "master of his own domain" joke in there somewhere ...

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No business like monkey business

"It's flattering to be asked to be a chimp, because you know they haven't cast you for what you look like."

-- Helena Bonham Carter, looking on the bright side of her simian turn in "The Planet of the Apes," in Premiere.

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St. Dylan?

How many roads must a man walk down before he gets immortalized as an angel atop a famous Norwegian cathedral?

The answer to that question is still blowing in the wind, but one art-world mystery has just been cleared up. Kristofer Leirdal, the sculptor who carved the statue of St. Michael atop Norway's 12th century Trondheim cathedral, has confirmed that he based the winged saint's face on Bob Dylan's when he carved it back in 1969, something many had suspected all along.

"It's true that I was inspired by Bob Dylan and his features when I made St. Michael," Leirdal recently told the press. "I saw that singer as a representative of American opposition to the Vietnam War. I thought it was appropriate to have a great poet on top of the tower."

Dylan is said to be "honored" by the tribute.

Grandma Zimmerman, currently spinning in her grave, could not be reached for comment.

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Takes one to know one

"You're one mean lady."

-- Anne Robinson on how Mike Tyson recently greeted her at a ballgame.

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Juicy bits

They had the time of their life ... and now they're bringing "Dirty Dancing" to Broadway. Or at least that's apparently the intention of the 1987 film's screenwriter, Elizabeth Bergstein. According to Playbill Online, Bergstein has adapted the script into a stage musical and will begin workshopping it in August and September. It's still not clear when it will hit the Great White Way, but if Bergstein has her way, this show will be bigger than Jennifer Grey's old nose.

Speaking of adapting something with a beat ... Francis Ford Coppola is all set to produce a film based on Jack Kerouac's "On the Road." According to Variety, Billy Crudup is slated to play Kerouac, while Brad Pitt will take on the Neal Cassady role, Dean Moriarty. Mr. "Batman" Joel Schumacher will direct. On the road in the Batmobile? Now that I'd like to see, man.

Maybe he should have taken the bus. Former "Partridge Family" star and current radio talker Danny Bonaduce is recovering from a boating accident on Wednesday evening. According to the Associated Press, the accident happened on Bonaduce's luxury boat, "Bonaduce," in shallow waters near Venice, Calif. And while the actor suffered only a minor head injury, damage to his boat was estimated at $10,000. Whoa, that guy's got one tough noggin.

Cover your ears, Justin. Male model Bryce Durand, who steams up TV screens with Britney Spears in her video "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know," is holding forth on your girlfriend's face-sucking prowess. "She's a really good kisser," Durand tells Bop magazine. "I always felt she was very relaxed." Easy, boy.

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