How to snag Brad Pitt

Aniston didn't put out for nine months, friend says; things get nastier for Sharon, Bronstein and the dragon. Plus: Sin

By Amy Reiter

Published June 26, 2001 4:57PM (EDT)

Did Jennifer pull a Britney on Brad?

An unnamed friend of Brad Pitt's has reportedly told the U.K. Sunday Mirror that Jennifer Aniston withheld nookie from Pitt for nine months before she finally capitulated. It was, Brad's blabby buddy burbles, just the way to snag him for good.

"It was the wisest thing Jennifer could have done," the friend tells the tabloid, "Imagine telling Brad Pitt to wait for sex. It had never happened -- at least not in his recent lifetime."

That way, when they finally did do the deed, it packed quite a wallop. "He found her irresistible," said the friend.

And you thought the attraction was all about those banana milkshakes.

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Speaking of unlikely abstainers

"The idea of being with a guy just because he's rich, it kind of seems like a good idea until you actually try it. And then you're like 'I'm so out of here, I don't care if I eat Campbell's Soup for the rest of my life.'"

-- "Sex and the City" scribe Candace Bushnell, sharing a few of her best tips with a group of female fans in Toronto.

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Rattling the cages

The toe biting is over. Let the backbiting begin!

Things are getting downright ugly between Sharon Stone, Phil Bronstein and the Los Angeles Zoo. While Stone and Bronstein originally declared that the zoo was not to be blamed for Bronstein's unfortunate run-in with Komo the Komodo dragon during a pre-Father's Day backstage tour, Stone recently reversed herself, saying that the zoo was "irresponsible" in allowing the visit. She also claimed that her husband single-handedly saved himself from the toe attack and accused the zoo's reptile keeper of being altogether ineffectual.

The zoo has now fought back by releasing its own internal notes on the footsie frenzy. According to reptile keeper Jay Kilgore's notes, it was he who came to Bronstein's aid when, during a photo op, Komo "without warning bit Phil on his left foot and held on."

"I grabbed Komo by his neck and yelled at him. He let go after an estimated one or two seconds. I pulled Komo away from Phil and yelled at Phil to get out of the exhibit. After a delay of perhaps 10 to 15 seconds Phil stepped out of the exhibit," Kilgore wrote. "I had been repeatedly yelling at Phil to get out."

The zoo staff also reported that Stone was "hysterical" during the interlude -- and that she stepped out to make several cellphone calls to her family until help arrived.

Kilgore says he hadn't anticipated the attack because "this animal had always been very tractable and very good with people." As for Bronstein's barefoot entry, Kilgore writes, "I said OK because I had never known the animal to be aggressive or excited by human skin."

Did someone say "just like Jennifer Aniston"? Honestly, people!

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I mean, like, totally ...

"Everybody's going to be like 'Wow!'"

-- Taryn Manning, who costars with Britney Spears in the film "What Friends Are For," vouching for the pop star's acting chops.

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Juicy bits

Nothing compares 2 changing your mind every three seconds? Sinéad O'Connor, who last year declared she was a lesbian only to reverse direction and label herself "confused," has now declared herself to be a bride-to-be. British journalist Nick Sommerlad, the current boyfriend of the twice-married Irish singer, has told the press that he and the artist occasionally known as Mother Bernadette Mary (of the Tridentine Church) are planning to get hitched. "Yes, we are getting married," Sommerlad told the Irish Sun. "We have not got any firm dates for it yet. I am delighted and so is she." No, I don't think the pope will agree to officiate.

Have yourself a Winslet little Christmas ... Executives at EMI are reportedly so impressed with a ballad Kate Winslet recorded for the soundtrack of an animated version of "Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol," they're planning to release it as a single around the holidays. All proceeds from the release "What If?" will go to charity, but the label bigwigs are hoping it's not the last they hear from Winslet's windpipes. "This started as a one-off, but people are so excited by Kate's vocals they expect big things," one insider told the U.K. Mirror. "EMI hope to tempt Kate back into the recording studio again -- she has a lovely voice." Maybe they should change the song's title to "Who knew?"

There may not be a single person out there who still cares whether "Survivor" loser and Jerri Manthey victim Kel Gleason really had a secret stash of beef frickin' jerky in his bag, but that isn't stopping Gleason from getting out there, day after day after day, trying to set the record straight. Gleason reckons that since being voted off the show he's given upwards of 460 interviews in an attempt to clear his good name, declaring far and wide, as he did just last week before an audience in Halifax, Nova Scotia, that "there was no evidence of beef jerky." And according to the Halifax Herald, Gleason is going grass-roots, too, signing every autograph he's asked for with "No beef jerky!" And you thought poor misunderstood Deb had it bad ...

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