Would you buy a used car from Colby?

"Survivor" runner-up wants to sell you his Pontiac; Ryan and Crowe: "Too much, too soon." Plus: Jack Nicholson takes tea with Vladimir Putin. Putin?

By Amy Reiter

Published June 29, 2001 4:47PM (EDT)

Remember that Pontiac Aztek that Colby Donaldson won in the final reward challenge on "Survivor"? The one in which he spent that teary night with his mom, discussing how infrequently he'd relieved himself and other lovely topics?

Well, he's selling it.

It just doesn't meet the custom auto designer's high standard for car coolness.

"To be honest with you I'll probably stick it on eBay," Colb confesses to the Dallas Morning News. "I certainly don't want to hurt anyone's feelings at Pontiac, but I just don't need another vehicle."

See, he already has two hot rods he's customized his own self as well as four motorcycles. Yes, one of them is a Harley from Tina Wesson -- she made good on her promise.

Compared to those rides, he says, the Aztek is "way too practical ... It gets way too good gas mileage to go in my stable."

Still, he figures he can snag at least its $31,900 sticker price.

Anyone out there want a bright-yellow car thing that smells of outback?

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This must stop

"She is a good actress. I mean, she's got the essence of greatness there."

-- Dan Aykroyd, who plays Britney Spears' dad in "The Britney Spears Movie," vouching for the pop princess's acting chops, in the Chicago Sun-Times.

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Proof of ... something

In case anyone still cares, Meg Ryan's intimates would have it known that it was she, not Russell Crowe, who ended their relationship a few months back. "Russell wanted to marry Meg and have kids with her," an unidentified friend of the actress tells People magazine.

But, according to the friend, Crowe just showered Ryan with too much attention and too many gifts -- including a puppy and a vintage car. It was all "too much, too soon," says the friend. "It was overwhelming."

In fact, the friend says, it was Crowe, not Ryan, who was reduced to tears by the breakup. Reports to the contrary, the buddy says, "got it backwards."

Fine. Can we move on now?

Juicy bits

Heeeeere's Vlady! In what has to have been a very strange meeting, Jack Nicholson, in Russia for the Moscow Film Festival, "took tea" with Vladimir Putin on Wednesday, the BBC reports. What did they talk about? Why, Jack Nicholson, of course. Putin said he liked Jack's work, and that, though he imagined "Batman" was his most popular film, he particularly enjoyed "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest." He took a real shining to that one.

Oh ... my ... gah. John Travolta is still holding out hope for that "Battlefield Earth" sequel after all. "We only did half the book and we have the second part still to film," he tells the U.K. Daily Telegraph. "It's really a nuts-and-bolts thing. If the studio makes enough money, then they'll do it, so we'll have to see how profitable 'Battlefield Earth' turns out to be." Sigh.

Woody Harrelson may have just gone a long way to explain the quality of his acting. "I usually like to walk around in a perpetual fog," the actor tells Premiere magazine. But after his good friend and fellow hemp activist Joe Hickey got seriously hurt during a pro-hemp bicycle ride a couple of months back, Harrelson says he was so upset, his spliffs went untouched for four whole days. And now, he says, his commitment to the evil weed may force him to reconsider this whole acting thing. "These days, I am hard-pressed to do a movie instead of this stuff," he says of his pro-hemp agitating. "If I lose my career, I don't need it." Cruel of him to tease us ...

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Bonus bits

If Dominic Chianese's new CD "Hits" doesn't sell well, he certainly can't blame anyone having to do with "The Sopranos." Not only was Chianese, who plays Uncle Junior on the show, given, like, half the dang season finale to show off his lung capacity, singing "Core Engrato" for what seemed like hours, but he also drew a huge batch of his cast mates to a New York gig Wednesday night. On hand were James Gandolfini, Drea De Matteo, Vincent Pastore, Steven and Maureen Van Zandt, Tony Sirico, Jason Cerbone and Jerry Adler, as well as non-"Sopranos" actors Frank Vincent ("Goodfellas") and David Eigenberg ("Sex and the City"). Alas, Jamie Lynn Sigler was apparently not there to pull a Meadow and fling chunks of bread at him.

President on probation: Martin Sheen was given three years' probation and fined $500 Wednesday after pleading guilty to trespassing at a U.S. military air base in an anti-Star Wars defense demonstration last October. Sheen said he only copped the plea because of his "West Wing" commitment. "I have a prior engagement with 'The West Wing,' another year on my contract, and I can't risk losing (at a trial) and going to prison for six months," Sheen said. "Morally, I'm bound to fulfill my contract. That was the whole motivation." I know, I know, it's not nearly as juicy a quote as that time he said President Bush "is like a bad comic working the crowd, a moron, if you'll pardon the expression," but what are you gonna do?

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