Aww, she's shy!

Heather Graham says shucks, she's awkward in the sack; Schiffer digs her nude stalker; Madonna grows up; and "Rocky" may hit Broadway!

Published July 9, 2001 4:00PM (EDT)

That whole image you have of Heather Graham as hypersexed Felicity Shagwell and Rollergirl all rolled into one? It's as inauthentic as Mark Wahlberg's prosthetic schlong.

Sure, the actress is only too happy to let it all hang out in sexy nude scenes on film -- "This is the body I have, so I might as well enjoy it," she tells the upcoming issue of Glamour -- but she's a little shy when it comes to real-life nooky.

"I'm not a totally sexually confident person," Graham tells the women's mag. "I'm kind of shy, maybe a little awkward. There are moments when I feel prudish, too. I don't wake up dying to have sex every minute of the day."

Where's Austin Powers when you need him, baby?

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But it's just as permanent

"It was easier than having a tattoo."

-- Singer Nicole Appleton on the birth of the baby boy she conceived with Oasis front man Liam Gallagher.

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The answer to that Austin Powers question?

You might expect Claudia Schiffer to be a bit disturbed by her seemingly endless procession of stalkers. But she's not. Not a bit.

In fact, the German supermodel gets a big ol' hoot out of the random men who trespass on her property hoping to get close enough to declare their undying love.

For instance, she recalls in GQ, during one recent visit with her parents in Germany, "suddenly, my mother started laughing. We saw this skinny man, completely naked, riding around our garden on a bicycle. It was hilarious."

The frisky fellow "wanted to have tea with me and wouldn't go," Schiffer says, so eventually she and her folks felt compelled to summon the fuzz. But not before Schiffer got an eyeful.

"I had a good look," she says. "And no, he wasn't very impressive at all."

I guess pedaling through the petunias will take it out of a guy.

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Chicken soup for the pop star's soul

"I think a few years ago I wasn't sure what I was on this earth for. I think I was mostly concerned with getting things for myself. More clothes, more money, more popularity and more boyfriends. I wasn't really thinking, I was just doing. Then I woke up and said 'What am I on this earth for?' We are here to love and share."

-- Madonna on her post-marital epiphany in the U.K.'s Heat magazine.

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Gonna cry now

Here's hoping this is all a terrible misunderstanding. But according to Ananova, "Rocky: The Musical" could actually be headed to Broadway.

The good news (or maybe it's the bad news) is that Sylvester Stallone is not expected to step back into his signature role in the stage show based on his 1976 breakthrough film.

Though the thought of him singing and dancing gives a whole new meaning to the expression "Rocky horror."


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