Of Condit and Conason

Readers respond to Salon's coverage of the missing intern, and to Joe Conason's column on former conservative David Brock.

Published July 10, 2001 11:07AM (EDT)

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By any measure as a man or a congressman, Rep. Gary Condit, D-Calif., is a worm for not cooperating promptly with the police investigating the Levy disappearance. His conduct properly encourages speculation that he is morally or legally to blame for her disappearance. No P.R. polish from a Beltway meister will change that fact.

-- Robert Mason

Why is Gary Condit getting special treatment from the feds and police? If a normal person had had an affair with Chandra Levy on the eve of her disappearance, they would have gotten a search warrant for that person's apartment, car and everything else.

The Levys have been patient and very considerate -- more so than I could have been if I had been in their shoes. I know it was to their advantage to be patient, but their pain must be horrific.

-- S. Blanchard

Please tell Joshua Micah Marshall that his knee-jerk response to protect a Democratic congressman just doesn't work in this instance.

Now we know that Condit did not break off the "good friendship" (sorry, affair) that he was having with Levy; that she was not despondent, hysterical, emotional or any of the other nonsense that has been speculated in the case. We know that, in fact, she had "big news."

So, haven't we had enough of the "suicide" silliness and the attempts to refurbish the congressman's tattered image? Condit is a self-absorbed slimeball whose foot-dragging on the matter has cost two months of delay in the investigation.

He and his wife have hunkered down in the hope that interest in the fate of this young woman will mirror the obvious fate of the young woman herself.

These are cold, cruel and heartless people.

-- Jennifer Bell

"Give him a break"

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Just a note to tell you how refreshing it was to read Joe Conason's article about David Brock. Instead of attacking him like Conason's journalist friends on the left and right did, he attempted to give us, the readers, another side of this story.

Those so-called journalists reminded me of a bunch of piranhas in a feeding frenzy. I have a sneaky feeling from listening to the harsh rhetoric they used to bash Brock and his book that it's really gays they hate.

Please tell Brock I think he's a head above all the so-called "journalists." And thank you, too, Joe Conason, for not adopting the herd mentality like the rest and, more importantly, not turning your back on Brock.

-- Beverly A. Smith

Something that strikes me about Joe Conason's defense of David Brock is the lack of a comparison of the magnitude of the harm caused by Barnicle, Stossel and Brock.

He treats the deceit regarding a Supreme Court justice nominee as an evil on par with ripping off George Carlin jokes or misleading the public about bacteria on organic produce.

But Brock's deceit was nearly as harmful as treason because the integrity of our judicial system is put in question if we confirm justices of substandard morality.

My apologies to George Carlin and organic produce farmers, but the harm caused by Mike Barnicle and John Stossel is minimal compared to the harm caused by Brock and others who tarnish our judicial system.

-- Tish Loeb

By Salon Staff

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