Paying for it: The "Nancy Chan Effect"

Author and working girl Tracy Quan explains why you should subscribe to Salon Premium.

Published July 13, 2001 7:26PM (EDT)

Nancy Chan, the popular fictional call girl, made her debut before the advent of Salon Premium -- so you don't have to be a subscriber to meet Nancy on Salon. But those wishing to know her much better are now invited to ... pay for it.

OK, I'm preaching to the converted: You know that the best things in life aren't always free. Well, as of July 13, excerpts from the new Nancy Chan novel will appear exclusively in Salon Premium. I have no doubt that Nancy herself would be attracted to Salon Premium. Like Salon itself, Nancy has always kept one eye on the bottom line and another on questions of style.

After you've dipped into the new Nancy Chan saga, you'll be enticed into paying for more -- more Nancy, more Allison, more Jasmine. More of Allison's entanglements, Jasmine's Darwinian sex tips and Nancy's double-dealing approach to everything from love to lingerie, as she tries to keep her fiancé from finding out what she really does for a living -- before the official publication date.

If you're a Nancy Chan reader, you already know there's nothing wrong with paying for it. You know that financial transactions can be erotic. That people who think there is something wrong with paying are provincial and prudish. That those who try to prevent others from paying for it are meddlesome authoritarian enemies of free enterprise. If these principles apply to sex, they surely apply to the best mix of opinion, fiction, highbrow cheesecake and White House gossip to be found on the Net!

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By Salon Staff

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