"It's about life"

Reader Ben Canales on why you should subscribe to Salon Premium.

Published July 24, 2001 9:05PM (EDT)

It's not about no ads. It's not about special features. It's not about saving Salon.com. It's about life.

Salon.com does it for you. Salon.com gives you the best coverage from the best authors of any medium about anything. You're not going to get that anywhere else, period.

Salon Premium is more of the good stuff. Premium stuff, the icing on your cake, the extra cheese on your pizza. Salon Premium is knowing you are doing information right, like buying a car at invoice or buying coffee beans from a local roaster. Salon Premium is finishing strong, completing the mission, like Vince Carter on a fast break or Cal Ripken in his 19th year.

And Salon Premium is a bargain. Take stock of any of the other magazines you read. Do any of them have anywhere near the quality and sheer number of authors that Salon and Premium have? I read more articles on Salon Premium each month or week than in all of my other print magazines combined.

And 30 bucks a year? That's it??!!

Salon Premium, that's it.

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By Ben Canales

Ben Canales is a Salon reader from Houston, Texas.

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