Britney's family selling Baby!

The Spears home, dogs included, reported up for sale; John Cusack's $20,000 dice game. Plus: Jackson family feud escalating?

Published July 26, 2001 4:25PM (EDT)

Maybe that pooch in the Britney Spears/Bob Dole Pepsi commercials was trying to tell us something ...

The U.K. Mirror is reporting that Spears family has offered the family dogs -- two Alsatian guard dogs and a Yorkshire terrier (heartbreakingly) named Baby -- to the buyer who snaps up their three-bedroom former home in Kentwood, La. (They're moving to a whopping, custom-built manse just a few miles away.)

"Britney's dad said he'd only sell the house for $1.5 million," an unnamed real estate agent told the paper. "He said the price includes the house, the furniture and the dogs."

No, I don't suppose he'd settle for arf.

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Just duet?

"It would be huge."

-- 'N Sync-er Justin Timberlake on the possibility of recording a duet with his dog-loving girlfriend, Britney Spears, in Rolling Stone.

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Little ditty 'bout getting jacked by your builder

I don't know if it's a little pink house, but John (Cougar) Mellencamp has won a battle against an Indianapolis home builder who apparently tried to bilk him out of tens of thousands of dollars.

According to the Associated Press, Timothy O. Eldridge has agreed to plead guilty to theft and pay more than $98,000 restitution to the small-town rocker, after double billing him up the wazoo in connection with the construction of Mellencamp's $2.5 million home near Lake Monroe, south of Bloomington, Ind.

The home has since been built by another company, but if Mellencamp and his wife aren't happy with it, I know of a nice place in Louisiana they might be interested in, provided they like dogs.

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Big men can't jump

"My doctor told me to take up golf."

-- Michael Clarke Duncan on the basketball-induced knee injury that caused him to miss the premiere of his new film "Planet of the Apes."

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Juicy bits

The art of the shameless rip-off: Jason Alexander says the title character on his new show, "Bob Patterson," is a lot like the George Costanza you knew and cringed at on "Seinfeld." "We purposely created Bob out of the ashes of George," the roundish actor announced Monday at the Television Critics Association gathering. What's more, he said, "I've stolen as much of the 'Seinfeld' crew as I could to give me a hedge." Why, that sounds exactly like something George would do ...

John Cusack, gamblin' foo'? Not if cards are involved. "I would consider myself a pretty good gambler, but I only play dice," Cusack told, adding that he and his driver spent a lot of time at the craps table while shooting "America's Sweethearts" in Nevada. "We won $20,000 one night, and they gave us the dice," he said. I hope they gave him the $20,000, too.

More trouble in Neverland. Marlon Jackson is insisting that brother Randy Jackson will be with the rest of his bros at the Jackson 5 reunion concerts at New York's Madison Square Garden in September. And he also took the opportunity to take a swipe at brother Jermaine, who named Randy as a kindred spirit in his letter criticizing the concert's high ticket prices, lack of a designated charity and broad roster of celebrity participants. "The statement from Jermaine was totally false regarding Randy's non-participation in the show," Marlon said. "Randy is as excited as all my brothers about this reunion and we all look forward to singing with 'N Sync on 'Dancing Machine.'" As Justin Timberlake might say, it's gonna be huge ...

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