Kiss and kiss and kiss and tell

Liv Tyler's mom spills beans on foolin' with Page, Jagger and Costello; Hurley and Grant together again for yuks? Mariah Carey freaks out online; and more.

Published July 30, 2001 7:00PM (EDT)

It may have taken Bebe Buell a while to tell her daughter Liv Tyler who her real father was (Aerosmith front man Steven Tyler, not Todd Rundgren). But now that Buell has set to spilling the sexual beans on her various rock-'n'-roll conquests, she's apparently loath to stop.

In her upcoming autobiography, "Rebel Heart," the former rock groupie informs us that Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page is a very sloppy kisser, inclined to "spew his saliva" into his lover's mouth.

Mick Jagger, meanwhile, is quite an athletic lover, although a "little generic" in style and lacking on the "cosmic interaction" Buell sought.

And Elvis Costello? All too potent, apparently. When Buell became pregnant by him, she says, his wife tried to convince her to have an abortion, telling her that Elvis's "bad genes" could result in a baby with "seven heads."

Which could cost a mother a fortune in funky eyewear.

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An impolite guest

"They almost didn't let me into your fucking country. So I brought a gun with me. I'm kidding, I'm kidding -- no, I'm not -- I'm kidding."

-- Eminem, during his first concert in Melbourne, Australia.

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Who let the cats and dogs out?

Art imitating life as they knew it?

Hugh Grant and Elizabeth Hurley are reportedly in talks to play lovers in a remake of the '80s classic "The Cannonball Run." The new version will bring back Burt Reynolds and also feature Tim Allen and ... Pamela (no, not Loni) Anderson.

"It may just seem like a gimmick," one "senior source" said of the Grant/Hurley pairing to, "but anyone who has met them will bear witness to how funny they are together. They are just so British and stiff-upper-lipped when the mood takes them. They're just ideal as lovers fighting like cat and dog."

Sounds like a scream.

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"I just can't trust anybody anymore right now because I don't understand what's going on ... I'm desperately trying to get out of this room. And I don't know if that makes any sense to anybody ... I'm gonna be taking some time off."

-- Mariah Carey, crying out for help in a posting on her Web site, shortly before checking into the hospital for "exhaustion."

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Sweeney Bob

Personally, I'd be a little scared to let the man behind "Sling Blade" give me a haircut. But the cast of the Coen Brothers' upcoming film "The Man Who Wasn't There" is apparently a particularly brave lot.

Ethan Coen told the London Daily Express that Billy Bob Thornton, who plays a barber in the film, geared up for the role by trimming the hair of several cast members.

"The sad thing is he actually thinks he's good at it," Coen said. "He's like one of those guys who trains to be a boxer for a boxing movie and thinks he can beat people up. It was quite funny seeing extras tense up in the chair as Billy Bob got ready to work on them."

And it seems they were right to worry. "I must say," said Coen, "we saw some really gruesome haircuts."

Orange dye jobs, anyone?

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