"Star Wars" wars

Two bizarre battles orbit the Lucas empire -- one involves Hooters; Cruise will attend Kidman's premiere. Plus: Liberace's cuff links and marijuana on Broadway!

Published August 1, 2001 4:17PM (EDT)

Two "Star Wars"-related lawsuits in one week?

Apparently so.

George Lucas has filed a trademark infringement suit against Minrad Inc., claiming that the medical instrument manufacturer has trod on Lucasfilm's copyright by naming its new laser-guided medical tools "Light Sabers."

"Lucasfilm has established for goods and services marketed under its Light Saber mark," Lucas claims in his suit. "This confusion is likely to result in loss of revenues to Lucasfilm and damage to its reputation."

But the filmmaker's reputation may not be nearly as damaged as Jodee Berry's. Berry, a former Hooters employee, is suing the racy restaurant chain over a contest in which she won a "Star Wars" action figure.

Berry claims the contest was misleading and that she believed she would win a new Toyota -- not, alas, the "toy Yoda" with which she was presented.

Hard to tell who's the bigger boob here.

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Diaper doubles?

"I've got a hundred bucks that says my baby beats Pete's baby. I've got genetics on my side."

-- Expectant father Andre Agassi, extending his on-court rivalry with fellow tennis pro Pete Sampras to the next generation.

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Will he bring a date?

It looks like Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman have decided to behave like grown-ups ... which means the rest of us get to act like gawking preteens.

After much "Will he? Won't he?" media speculation, Cruise has apparently decided to appear at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Others" on Aug. 7. Cruise is one of the producers of the film, which stars Kidman.

In other words, the famous fightin' estranged couple will be in the same place at the same time, surrounded by cameras that will allow us all to parse their every glance and gesture, in less than a week.

Pinch me.

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Juicy bits

The game continues, but is it too soon to call it a match? The U.K. Sun refuses to back away from its contention that Anna Kournikova has secretly married her boyfriend, hockey star Sergei Fedorov. Although the tennis pro's father and publicist have denied the report, the paper has bolstered its claim by publishing a photo of the 20-year-old tennis star -- apparently taken earlier this week -- in which she sports what appear to be both an engagement ring and a wedding ring on the telltale digit. Anyone wanna cry "double fault"?

Going once, going twice ... Liberace himself may be long gone, but he left his ivory cuff links behind and now they're being made available to the highest bidder at Gorringes auction house in the U.K. Like so many of the late entertainer's accessories, the links, which are expected to go for several thousand dollars, are fashioned in the shape of miniature grand pianos. And even if you don't make a bid, you have to admit, Liberace's Cuff Links would make a great name for a band.

Will the wacky weed take over the Great White Way? "Reefer Madness" the musical is reportedly headed to Broadway in September. According to Variety, Christian Campbell will play the lead role in a stage spectacular based on the cult 1936 film about the negative effects of marijuana. Paula Abdul will choreograph. As soon as she's done eating those chips.

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