Don't pee freely when Garry's around

Shandling tells all about Duchovny's urinal habits. Plus: Will Anne Heche and Ellen DeGeneres face off in prime time?

By Amy Reiter

Published August 10, 2001 4:46PM (EDT)

This is a public service announcement for male celebrities with the occasional need to pee: Look out behind you -- Garry Shandling may be taking notes ... and sharing his pissy impressions with the world at large.

"At the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood," Shandling recalls fondly in the upcoming issue of Gear magazine, "David Duchovny was walking behind me in the urinal with his pants already down ... a big 'no-no,' even in Hollywood."

And Shandling would also have us know that Shaq may not be so good at three-pointers, urinally speaking.

"About a year ago at the Staples Center, Shaq was next to me at the urinal and missed everything," he says. "But he's very strong in close.

I don't know about you, but I'm calling foul.

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She hearts N.Y.

"Not everyone there wants to talk about movies all the time. There are so many other things in life to talk about."

-- Penelope Cruz on why she'd rather live in Manhattan than Malibu, to Reuters.

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A passion for popping

Everyone knows that Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes has a flair for singing, for acting crazy and for burning down mansions, but she also has a special talent you may not be aware of: popping zits, or as she so delicately puts it, "pressing the oil out of my face."

"I don't understand what the oil's there for -- why does it have to be clumped up?" Lopes plaintively inquires in Blender magazine.

She takes it as an affront -- and a challenge.

"I'll stay in the mirror for hours, and when I get done, my face is always red and puffy," she says, with apparent pride at a skill that has captured the interest of her friends and family. "If I'm gone for 20 minutes or more, people know I'm in the bathroom. They'll yell up the steps: 'Get outta the bathroom! Get outta your face!' I'm known for that."

Now more than ever before.

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Rise and Sheen

File this under "Takes one to know one."

The mystery male celebrity who checked Ben Affleck into rehab has been unmasked, and it's ... Charlie Sheen.

The reformed (yet legendary) Hollywood bad boy reportedly sprang into action after receiving a call for help. (Guess Sheen's number is still in a lot of people's books.) According to People magazine, the "Spin City" star not only arranged for Affleck's $33,850-a-month room at Promises, the star-friendly rehab center located high on a Malibu cliff, but, a few hours later, actually drove him there himself.

What a guy!

And while Hollywood types of all stripes are still rushing to be quoted saying they never saw Affleck get out of control or never knew him to have more than a drink or two here and there, the star's close friend and former high school teacher Larry Aaronson said Affleck himself had come to face the fact that his drinking problem was more than he could handle on his own. As the child of a recovering alcoholic himself, the actor saw the writing on the wall.

"He didn't like how he was feeling and saw the signs," Aaronson told the magazine. "People were telling him, 'Hey, what's going on?' and he said, 'You know what? I think I better go take care of it.'"

One step down, 11 to go.

Extra bits

Will Anne Heche face off against Ellen DeGeneres? Both ex-lovers are due to star in their own sitcoms -- and there's been some (completely random, but who cares?) speculation that they may at some point be matched in a head-to-head fight for ratings. DeGeneres' show will air on CBS this fall, Heche's in fall 2002. So it's a little too soon to tell. But it's never too soon to start chanting "fight, fight, fight, fight, fight ..."

Dan Aykroyd, retiring? It's hard to imagine, but the 49-year-old actor tells the Toronto Globe and Mail that he's been feeling "sedentary" and "reclusive" and a little tired of the grind. "I really just want to just shut everything down for a while," he said. "I'd like to find and choose the last vehicle and exit on a really high, graceful, substantial note in film." I suspect playing Britney Spears' dad in the story of her life is not the role he has in mind.

And in other former "Saturday Night Live" star news ... Bill Murray has apparently decided that he's not above appearing in a "Charlie's Angels" sequel, despite his alleged on-set tension with Lucy Liu during the filming of the first one. Whether he'd agree to return "would all depend on if the script were good," Murray tells TV Guide Online. "It's the same rules I have for anything else." So how do you explain "The Razor's Edge"?

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