Look but don't touch

Meadow Soprano loves God, gets naked; Kidman nails new gig; Eminem does it for daughter. Plus: Electra and Navarro engaged -- Rodman enraged?

Published August 21, 2001 4:50PM (EDT)

Meadow? Is that you?

Jamie-Lynn Sigler, aka Meadow Soprano, currently appearing wearing next to nothing on the cover of Maxim, says she's cool with nudity. "I have no problem showing my body," she says. "I have faith in God, and this is what God gave me."

Less sanguine about Sigler's sex appeal is Tony Soprano himself, James Gandolfini, who, she tells the magazine, "calls himself my second dad. He's very protective -- probably more so than my own father."

Witness Gandolfini's reaction when an actor on the "Sopranos" set got a little too frisky with the young actress who plays his daughter: "During the first season, I had my first on-screen kiss," Sigler says, "and Jim came up to me after the scene and asked, 'How was it? Did he use tongue?'"

Gandolfini was joking, until Sigler told him that she had, in fact, been slipped a wet one. "Jim got so mad," she recalls. "He was screaming, 'He's not supposed to do that!'"

So is that actor now swimming with the fishies? "Let's just say [he] never came back," Sigler says diplomatically.

And Gandolfini's not the only one lookin' out for his little girl. One day, she says, she told Tony Sirico, the actor who plays Paulie Walnuts, about a guy who done her wrong, "and he was, like, 'I'll fucking kick the shit out of him. I'll find out where he lives -- I'll kill him!' He seemed serious."

In other words, feel free to look, but if you get any big ideas, it might be a good idea to fuhgeddaboudem.

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Father figure

"Everything that I am doing right now is for Hailie. The money -- it's for her college ... She knows at the end of the day daddy is not what he says in his songs."

-- Eminem on his bum rap as a bum pap, in Q magazine.

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You're soaking in it

Look who's getting nailed!

Nicole Kidman may be short a husband, but she's got a new obsession: finger- and toenails.

The actress has announced that she and her sister Antonia are launching a chain of nail salons called Nail Generation Bars. They've just opened their first branch in a department store in Sydney, Australia, and are working with friends to expand globally from there.

"It's a small group of family and friends working to create something original and fresh," Kidman told Sydney's Sunday Telegraph. "After months of testing and ideas, Anna, Antonia and I have created a range of products which are high quality and beautiful to use, we hope they will appeal to everyone."

And that's the unvarnished truth.

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May the old farts be with you

"Some day a tiny tot is going to come up to me and ask if I'm Luke Skywalker's grandfather. That's my greatest fear because I know it's going to happen ... I've already been asked if I'm Luke's father."

-- Mark Hamill on "Star Wars" and the battle with aging, in the Calgary Sun.

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Juicy bits

Who's gonna break the news to Dennis Rodman? His ex Carmen Electra and her rocker beau Dave Navarro are reportedly engaged. According to Zap2it.com, the former Red Hot Chili Pepper asked the former "Baywatch" babe (who, incidentally, has agreed to appear in the upcoming "Baywatch" reunion TV movie) to be his lawfully wedded wife last Tuesday. She apparently answered affirmatively, although no date has yet been set. No word either on whether the bride will wear white ... or a red swimsuit.

House shopping on the West Coast? Perhaps you'd be interested in Frank Sinatra's old Beverly Hills crib. The 14-room mansion, currently listed at $12.5 million, boasts a pool, a gym, an art gallery, maid's quarters and all of Ol' Blue Eyes' old furniture to boot. And if that doesn't sound like your kind of house, how about Jimi Hendrix's boyhood home? The humble three-bedroom Seattle digs, which the rock icon shared with his father and brother, are up for auction on eBay, but there's a hitch. The entire home needs to be moved to another location in order to make way for a new batch of townhouses. Excuse me while I kiss this ... skylight?

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