Letters to Connie

In the hours before Connie Chung's interview with Gary Condit, Salon readers ask the questions we all want to hear.

Published August 23, 2001 9:00PM (EDT)

In anticipation of Connie Chung's interview with Rep. Gary Condit tonight, Salon listed some of the questions we probably won't have the satisfaction of hearing. And now, thanks to scores of vigilant readers, here are a few more.

1. Would you ever let your 24-year-old daughter date a 53-year-old man?

2. What attempts did you make to contact Chandra after April 1, before her parents contacted you to say she was missing and they needed help?

3. Why did you throw away the watch box?

4. Do you believe Vince Foster was murdered?

5. Why do fools fall in love?

6. I hear you're a fitness buff. Are you strong enough to lift something the size of, say, Chandra?

7. Are there any questions and responses you'd like me to edit out before showing this tape?

8. What has this ordeal been like for you?

9. Heard any good jokes lately? (It worked for Pee-Wee Herman.)

10. Are you smiling, or just showing your teeth?

11. Anna Marie Smith has made serious allegations about you and referred to a call you placed to her after Chandra's disappearance. What was your relationship with Anna Marie Smith? Was she telling the truth about your affair with her? What sort of "trouble" were you suggesting you were about to be in on your last call with Ms. Smith?

12. How much did you pay for your self-administered lie detector test?

13. Take us through, in detail, where you were on the day of Chandra's disappearance.

14. Don't you agree with all the guilty white liberals that this whole affair is President Bush's fault?

15. I know you couldn't do much for Chandra, but could you find Maury a good job?

16. Why are you always carrying your suit jacket? Why don't you ever wear it?

17. If you were Chandra's killer, where do you think you'd have hidden her body?

18. Did you kill Chandra? Whisper it to me.

By Salon Staff

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