Singer O'Connor said to have faked marriage. Plus: Cruise and Connery to join Austin Powers for No. 3?

By Amy Reiter

Published August 23, 2001 4:28PM (EDT)

Are Sinéad O'Connor and her new man, Nick Sommerlad, pulling a Drew and Tom?

Irish journalist (and occasional Salon contributor) Ian O'Doherty, who travels in the same social circles as O'Connor, tells me that the singer and her journo fiancé were, in fact, not married in a "secret ceremony" some weeks ago, as was widely reported earlier this week.

The marriage announcement was "a hoax to throw the press off the scent of their actual wedding," which is set for this weekend, O'Doherty says.

Although they didn't go as far as Brooke Shields and her husband, who actually faked their wedding and sent photos (and faux invitations) to the press in order to ensure a press-free ceremony some weeks later, O'Doherty points out that O'Connor and Sommerlad's case has its own sticky wicket.

"Nobody in Ireland really gives a shit about her anyway," O'Doherty, who's no fan of O'Connor, tells me, "but the fact that she got Nick [a respected journalist] to actually spread false information to other journalists has not gone down well."

And incidentally, in case you were wondering, the marriage apparently will not prevent O'Connor (aka Mother Bernadette Mary) from wearing her Tridentine priest garb or from fulfilling its incumbent duties, whatever those may be.

Who knows? Maybe she'll wear it on the big day ... and perform the ceremony herself.

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That's entertainment?

"It was entertaining to me."

-- Marilyn Manson on why he did the (alleged) bump and grind against a male security guard's head during a concert in Michigan last month, in an interview on Fox News Channel's "The O'Reilly Factor."

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Juicy bits

Here he comes ... Tony Danza? The former "Who's the Boss?" and "Taxi" star has been tapped as the host of this year's Miss America Pageant, which airs Sept. 22 on ABC. Danza will replace last year's hosts, Donny and Marie Osmond. According to producer Bob Bain, "Tony's charm, enthusiasm and energy perfectly complement the changes we are making in the show." This year, the pageant will jump on the quiz show/reality TV bandwagon and will allow contestants to help vote for the winner. OK, who just yelled "Cat fight!"?

Bring on the Fembots. Tom Cruise is rumored to be considering a "major cameo" in the next "Austin Powers" flick. New Line Cinema tattletales have apparently blabbed to the New York Post that Cruise looks like a lock to appear as an Austin ally in a sendup of his "Mission: Impossible" character. What's more, the paper reports, Sean Connery may play Austin's father in the flick. Powers ... Papa Powers?

As if those Palm Beach County residents haven't had enough trouble, they've apparently been deprived of the Burt Reynolds Museum since Reynolds lost the local ranch on which it was housed back in 1996. But now, you'll be profoundly relieved to learn, the Burt Reynolds Museum may have a new temporary home in an old bank near its former digs. Visitors may soon be able to gape at the actor's posters, props and memorabilia. No word on whether Burt's real hair is among the items on display.

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