Wahlberg used nipple stand-in!

"He lent us his nipple hole"; Twiggy on her boobs. Plus: Crowe to gal fans -- "Get the !@*&% out of here"!

By Amy Reiter

Published September 4, 2001 4:21PM (EDT)

Don't get too excited about seeing one of Mark Wahlberg's famous three nipples get pierced in the flick "Rock Star."

Jennifer Aniston says Wahlberg used a nipple double for the scene in which her character takes a needle to his nip.

"It was a stand-in's nipple," she tells TVGuide.com.

Even still, the actress says, filming the scene was pretty bizarre. "It was two strangers in the room with a needle, fake whiskey, ice cubes and all that," she said. "We were all sitting there trying to be comfortable, but it was almost impossible."

At least until the body double showed up.

"Just for that moment, he lent us his nipple hole, already pre-pierced," Aniston says.

Otherwise, they might have needed real whiskey.

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But was he wearing one of those cute bow ties?

"This is a band. It's not Chippendales. Get the ---- out of here."

-- Russell Crowe, deflecting female fans' demands that he take off his shirt as his band, Thirty Odd Foot of Grunts, made its New York debut last week.

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Idol chatter

Another perfectly good rock 'n' roll rumor has been put to rest.

Billy Idol would like us all to know that "Dancing With Myself" was not written as an ode to self-love.

"People always think it's about masturbation," Idol tells the upcoming issue of Nylon magazine, "and it can be if you want it to."

In fact, he says, "It was about the end of the disco era. But mostly, it's about this club I went to in Japan, with mirrors along the walls that the kids would dance in front of alone. All these kids were dancing to their own reflections. I thought, 'Look, they're dancing with themselves.'"

Yeah, but "White Wedding" was about masturbation, wasn't it?

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Tony's Latin love handles

"I'm getting a bit flabby. Soon they'll be saying, 'You know, he used to be a Latin lover.'"

-- Antonio Banderas, fretting about gravity in the New York Daily News.

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When a twig becomes a trunk

Twiggy, the erstwhile skinnier-than-thou '60s icon, wants us all to know that aging is beautiful.

"I think women come into the best time of their lives after 35. I hated being 21," the 51-year-old model/actress tells Britain's Prima magazine. "I was so shy and insecure. I wouldn't go back for all the tea in China."

It seems that, while the rest of you were trying desperately to emulate her pencil-thin look, she was cursing it. "I hated what I looked like -- I had a flat chest and skinny legs -- and I always worried about upsetting people by saying, 'No.'"

Now, she says, she's thrilled to have "boobs for the first time in my life."

Cold comfort to Antonio Banderas, I suppose.

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Juicy bits

Don't go marrying Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake off just yet. A spokeswoman for Spears' label, Jive Records, has labeled as "rubbish" reports in the London tabloids last week that the young couple is engaged. She does have a pretty good idea how people might have gotten the wrong idea, though. "These rumours ... began when they were seen to be wearing matching diamond rings," the flack said. "They have already said that they bought the rings purely as a mark of 'friendship.'" Got that?

You'd think that there'd be cushier ways to make a comeback than on "The Weakest Link," but a panoply of gone-but-not-forgotten TV stars are set to vie with each other for the sake of charity on a special edition of the show, to air later this month. Facing off will be Danny Bonaduce ("The Partridge Family"), Jimmie Walker (J.J. on "Good Times"), Lauren Tewes (Julie on "The Love Boat"), Mindy Cohn (Natalie on "The Facts Of Life"), Barry Livingston (Ernie on "My Three Sons"), Marla Gibbs (Florence on "The Jeffersons"), Brandon Cruz ("The Courtship of Eddie's Father") and Marc Price (Skippy on "Family Ties"), the Toronto Sun reports. Am I the only one looking forward to the day when host Anne Robinson falls into that has-been category, too?

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