DeGeneres: "I don't need to be distracted"

Ellen reveals what the most important thing in life is. Plus: Britney backs out of duet with Jacko!

By Amy Reiter

Published September 7, 2001 4:18PM (EDT)

If Ellen DeGeneres is alarmed that her ex-lover Anne Heche is A) married, B) pregnant and C) talking about her inner demons to the world at large, she's not letting on.

"I'm really just staying focused on what I do," the comedian said in a press conference on Wednesday to promote her new sitcom. "My life is back on track now and I'm really grateful and thrilled to be working again. I've got so much going on right now that I don't need to be distracted -- I'm just working on me."

That may come as unwelcome news to the Heche look-alikes who are reportedly packing the house at tapings for her new show. But then, DeGeneres hasn't necessarily given up on love. She's just given up on making a big scene out of it all.

"I think the most important thing in life, more than work even, which is kind of rare in this town," she tells the New York Post, "is a relationship and love."

Oh. That poor woman.

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Why do I not believe her?

"I couldn't be happier."

-- Liz Hurley on being replaced by young American supermodel Carolyn Murphy as the face of Estee Lauder's makeup and skin-care line, thus ending her lucrative exclusive deal with the company. (Hurley will still front its perfume line.)

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She's back?

When Mariah Carey's spokeswoman, Cindi Berger, said her client needed time to rest, she apparently really meant it. (I'm guessing that at this point Berger could use a little break, too.)

Both the New York Daily News and the New York Post are reporting that the singer has checked herself back into the hospital. This time, however, Carey is reportedly recuperating on the Left Coast, at UCLA Medical Center, where she is said to have been admitted on Tuesday.

Hospital sources, citing patient confidentiality, would neither confirm nor deny that Carey is in their care. And Berger also refused to comment on whether her client was back in the hospital, although she did confirm that Carey was bailing on the "Tonight Show" appearance she had scheduled for Sept. 14.

I guess healing, like love, takes time.

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The man with the golden member

"It's the most interesting, exotic villain people have seen in a long time."

-- "Austin Powers" director Jay Roach on Goldmember, a new James Bond-spoofing villain played by Mike Myers in the new Powers flick, in Variety.

Fashion accident

The bad news: Kate Moss was airlifted to a hospital Thursday after a chauffeur-driven Range Rover in which she was riding collided with another car on its way to a U.K. fashion shoot. Three other people involved in the accident were also taken to the hospital (by land) to be treated for minor injuries.

The good news: After doctors determined that she had not suffered any serious damage, the supermodel was discharged. And no, she did not appear to have broken any of her highly visible bones.

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Extra bits

Bring in the clones: A new survey conducted by Blockbuster has found that Brad Pitt is the celebrity most Americans would like to see cloned. Fair enough. But then the survey results get really scary. In second place? Arnold Schwarzenegger, followed by Mel Gibson in third, Jennifer Lopez in fourth and Catherine Zeta-Jones in fifth. Britney Spears, meanwhile, limped in at No. 10. Oops.

Speaking of Britney, the perpetually perky popstress has been forced to back out of her scheduled appearance at Michael Jackson's big concert at Madison Square Garden Friday night. She and Jackson had planned to duet on "The Way You Make Me Feel," but because the show will be broadcast on CBS, Spears (who has an exclusive deal with HBO) couldn't do it. "Britney did have to pull out -- and she's very upset about it," her spokeswoman told the New York Post. Upset or not upset, that's what we call a tease.

They'll do it their way. Earlier this week, Tony Bennett helped dedicate the Frank Sinatra School of the Arts in Queens. If those high school students can make it there ...

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