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Ringwald on Haley Joel: He's creepy! Andie MacDowell insists she's not Chaplin's daughter. Plus: Oops! Britney forgot to tell Mom about mansion!

By Amy Reiter

Published September 10, 2001 4:25PM (EDT)

If you're a little creeped out by Haley Joel Osment, you're not the only one.

Molly Ringwald thinks he's a little creepy, too. And it has nothing to do with seeing dead people.

"He's so completely poised and sounds like a little adult," the former child star said of the current child star in Nylon magazine, though she added, "I don't want to put my fear on him."

But the "Sixth Sense" and "A.I." star's dad insists his son is a completely normal, totally uncreepy 13-year-old kid.

"If there's one thing I want people to know about Haley it is that he is completely normal," Eugene Osment told the London Daily Telegraph last week. "I am extremely cautious about the way his life should be handled."

Got that, Mol?

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Proof that the '80s are over

"I ran into Demi Moore at Starbucks a while ago. It was weird. I didn't even recognize her."

-- Rob Lowe on his "St. Elmo's Fire" costar, in Entertainment Weekly.

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As weird as it gets

At last, another film to look forward to almost as much as that upcoming Chuck Barris biopic, "Autofocus," a flick about the bizarre life and death of "Hogan's Heroes" star and amateur pornographer Bob Crane.

The film, which has been fodder for the rumor mill for months, is scheduled to begin shooting in November, Variety reports, with Greg Kinnear stepping into the lead role.

Based on the book "The Murder of Bob Crane" (not to be confused with "The Faces of Bob Crane," the book of racy photos put out by Crane's son Scotty), "Autofocus" will focus on the events leading up to Crane's brutal 1978 murder. Willem Dafoe will play the friend who was accused -- but never convicted -- of bashing Crane's head in with the star's own camera equipment.

Say cheese.

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Still draggin' her heart around

"I haven't been with anybody for a long time. It's the price [of being a rock star]. No husband. No children. But then I can always look at it this way: I could be married and divorced, my husband could be married to a 23-year-old girl. My children could be juvenile delinquents."

-- Stevie Nicks putting it all in perspective, on ABC's "Downtown."

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Blame the little moustache?

Andie MacDowell would like to get something off her chest: She is not now, nor has she ever been, Charlie Chaplin's illegitimate daughter.

The rumor "has dogged me ever since I was a model," the actress griped to gossip gatherer Baird Jones last week at a party for the Waterkeeper Alliance (Robert Kennedy's water-pollution-fighting charity) at New York's Gant store.

MacDowell says the "completely false" story is "particularly big in South America."

"Just last week a friend of mine sent me a clipping from Mexico's main newspaper showing me confessing about what it was like having Chaplin as a father but still having to keep it such a terrible secret," she says.

But the prurient patter appears to have had a desirable side effect. "It makes my movies more popular there," she says.

OK. But someone really needs to tell her that Mexico is not in South America.

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Juicy bit

She ... forgot? Britney Spears says the reason that she didn't tell her parents that she and Justin Timberlake bought the $3 million house in L.A. in which they're currently shacking up until sometime later was that it just plumb slipped her mind. The perky popstress insists that, even though they're living in sin, she and her boyfriend still aren't sinning. That is, she tells YM, she's still a virgin. Unless of course, she just forgot to tell us about that one time ...

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