A call for images

Send us pictures, with words, of the after life.

By Jennifer Foote Sweeney

Published September 20, 2001 7:16PM (EDT)

Since it first appeared in Mothers Who Think, the Image Conscious feature has served to illuminate highly extraordinary and deeply ordinary moments in the lives of our readers. The initial call for photos -- and captions to give light or interpretation or texture to static images -- was very broad, and we have been delighted to receive, via mothersphotos@salon.com, a diversity of glimpses and many well-chosen words. For the next few days -- perhaps even weeks or months -- we would like to renew our call for images, specifically for those that epitomize or explain or manifest our feelings and habits and reactions to the events of Sept. 11, 2001.

We will attempt to run as many of these images as possible, as long as they come in a form we can handle: e-mail or regular mail. The mailing address is: MothersPhotos; c/o Salon.com, 22 Fourth St., San Francisco CA 94103. (Sorry, we cannot return items sent this way.) Check the Image Conscious directory to find examples of the work posted so far. And please, when you send in an image and a caption, include a few words about yourself that we can use as a short biography in the feature.

Jennifer Foote Sweeney

Jennifer Foote Sweeney, CMT, formerly a Salon editor, is a massage therapist in northern California, practicing on staff at the Institutes for Health and Healing in San Francisco and Larkspur, and on the campuses of the Alta Bates Summit Medical Center in Berkeley.

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