At least the camera loves him

Eminem said to have acting skillz; Hanks digs 'N Sync; DiCaprio's girlfriend gets spooked! Plus: Michael Jackson's dad out to catch terrorists.

Published October 16, 2001 4:12PM (EDT)

Will Eminem have a chance to thank the Academy?

Brittany Murphy, who will star opposite Eminem in his upcoming feature film debut, thinks he might. She says the hostile rapper is a natural in front of the camera.

"He's going to be quite an amazing actor," Murphy told the Calgary Sun after the cast met for its first few rehearsals. "I don't think that should come as too much of a surprise. We've all seen how magnetic he is in his videos."

Personally, she says, Em's been very nice and she suspects his bad boy rep is unjustified. "I think he's very misunderstood," she says.

Sounds like someone has a new No. 1 fan ...

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Speaking of No. 1 fans ...

"Tom is a big 'N Sync fan. The last time Lance and Joey were in town, I think they had dinner at Tom and Rita's."

-- Rich Hull, a producer of "On the Line," which stars 'N Syncers Lance Bass and Joey Fatone, revealing that Tom Hanks lent a hand on the flick, in Entertainment Weekly.

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Model mayhem

Note to Leonardo DiCaprio: You might want to give your girlfriend Gisele Bundchen a call. It sounds like she got a little freaked out this weekend.

It seems that as the Brazilian supermodel made her way by rail from Paris to London after a heavy succession of ready-to-wear shows, the train she was riding in came to a screeching halt before entering the Channel Tunnel. Suddenly, a group of foreign asylum seekers stormed the train, desperately trying to board and frightening the vast array of fashion industry types on board.

"You could see people running around beside the train," Bundchen's traveling companion Massimo Redaelli told U.K, "although it was dark, so you couldn't tell how many there were."

Passengers were assured that visits from would-be stowaways were a relatively common occurrence, but, Redaelli said, "you can't help but think about the possibility of a terrorist having access to the train."

After an extensive search, the all-clear was given and the train continued on its way.

"Everyone stayed quite calm," Redaelli recalled, "but it was very frightening, I can tell you."

And given the fact that Bundchen was all a-tremble over a simple haircut two weeks ago, you can imagine how she reacted to the whole thing.

"I was so scared!" she told Women's Wear Daily just after having her tresses trimmed. "My head and neck feel light, and when I shampoo, I feel like something's missing."

Naaah. That joke's just too easy.

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Give this anchorman a hug

"It wouldn't have happened if she hadn't worked for me. No one should be put in harm's way for simply working for me."

-- Tom Brokaw on the anthrax-laced letter sent to him and opened by his assistant, Erin O'Connor, on "Dateline."

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Juicy bits

Imagine Paul McCartney and Yoko Ono living life in peace. McCartney apparently is. The former Beatle says that, even though he and Ono have disagreed over the writing credit for "Yesterday," which McCartney says he wrote all by himself, it's not too late to extend the olive branch. "It actually is one of the reasons that we're not the greatest of friends," McCartney told Reader's Digest. "But if you're reading this, Yoko, there's still time." All he is saying, Yoko, is give peace a chance ...

Which is apparently not what Joe Jackson -- the father of Michael and Janet, Tito and the rest -- is saying at all. According to the New York Post, the Jackson family paterfamilias is starting a fund not to aid the victims, but to nail terrorists living in our midst. The plan? Jackson has hired some young musicians and put together a single; he intends to use its proceeds to reward tipsters for inside information on any terrorist types here in the U.S. Jackson says he'll turn over information gleaned to the authorities. It's as easy as 1-2-3.

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