Skin deep

Aguilera promises more flesh for her fans; Heche throws a tantrum. Plus: Timberlake's literary future 'N peril; and Bill Gates gets 15 more minutes.

Published October 24, 2001 4:51PM (EDT)

I hope Christina Aguilera's granny is covering her ears: Her pop-singing granddaughter is threatening to push the envelope even further.

The fantastic feat of flesh-baring she achieved in her "Lady Marmalade" video, Aguilera warns, was only the tip of the skin-toned iceberg.

"If you find me sexy now, you'll be surprised," the barely legal singer tells"I am still evolving quickly towards something more womanly."

In fact, she says, "To be honest, I'd really like to go too far."

But not too, too far. (Breathe, Granny, breathe ... ) "I don't believe that I would go as far as stripping," she says. "I find that small tops, you know, that show off the belly, are much sexier than a bare body. I feel I can flirt with the limits for years to come."

And then she can flirt with plastic surgery.

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"I don't have a secret short list of people I long to work with. I don't anticipate [saying], 'Has anyone got Christina Aguilera's phone number?' It doesn't work like that."

-- Elvis Costello on his lack of interest in dueting with a certain small-top-favoring songstress.

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Call her crazy

Those of you who were wondering what kind of man would marry kooky Anne Heche are not alone.

A reporter at "The Advocate" wanted to know, too, and asked Heche if, perhaps, her husband Coley Laffoon might ever have dabbled in a same-sex relationship as she so famously did with Ellen DeGeneres.

Heche went nuts.

"I'm finished with this conversation," she stormed. "You have got to be kidding me, after everything I have given [this magazine], you are now asking me about my husband's sexuality? This is flooring to me ... This is an article about me."

And now it's an article about her throwing a tantrum.

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Juicy bits

'N Sync-er Justin Timberlake's book deal appears to have 'N Sunk. Ballantine Books has backed out of a seven-figure deal to publish his "Inside Drive: A Novel of Basketball, Life and Love," and it may be his girlfriend Britney Spears' fault. According to the New York Daily News, the publisher got cold feet after Spears' tome, "A Mother's Gift," which she wrote with her mom, failed to rake in the bucks. Oops!

You've probably heard by now that Mariah Carey is scheduled to appear on "Ally McBeal" (yeah, yeah ... who hasn't been on that show?) but have you heard about who's gonna make a guest appearance on "Frasier"? Bill Gates. Yepper, Mr. Microsoft is set to step in front of the camera for the show's 200th episode, which airs during sweeps week on Nov. 13. According to the New York Post, "Frasier" is Gates' favorite show. Not, as you would have imagined, "Temptation Island 2."

Erin Brockovich, meanwhile, is after more than a guest appearance. The woman behind the Julia Roberts movie is making good on her promise to host her own syndicated talk show. The show is currently being developed by NBC Enterprises, the studio behind "The Weakest Link." Maybe she and Anne Robinson can borrow each other's clothes ...

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