Will Stone do "Stompanato"?

The divine Ms. Sharon is back on track; Geri Halliwell: Proud to be a virgin! Plus: Helena Bonham Carter, all-latex home wrecker?

Published October 26, 2001 4:31PM (EDT)

Those of you still fretting about Sharon Stone's health can relax. Her husband, Phil Bronstein, has stepped up to assure us all that his wife is completely back to her old self again after her scary bout with a brain bleed.

"It was a dissected vertebral artery in her neck," Bronstein explained to E! News Daily. "They went in, not surgically, and they fixed it ... There's no chance of a recurrence, and she's really doing well."

So well, in fact, that she's starting to explore new film projects. If Sharon has her way, she'll soon be starring as Lana Turner in "Stompanato," a film about the actress and her rocky relationship with mobster Johnny Stompanato.

According to Variety, nothing's a done deal yet, but Antonio Banderas' name is being bandied about to play Stompanato, and Canadian director Francois Girard ("The Red Violin," "Thirty-Two Short Films About Glenn Gould") may direct.

And aren't you proud of me for getting through that entire item without even once mentioning undies or komodo dragons?

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'N clothing at all times

"No nude scenes."

-- 'N Sync-er Joey Fatone on the limits on what he'll do to make a go of it as an actor, in the New York Post.

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Batman's revenge

David Schwimmer vants to suck your blood.

As a kid, the "Friends" actor liked to get creative on Fright Night. "I dressed as a different character every year at Halloween," Schwimmer told New York gossipist Baird Jones at the premiere party for the NBC miniseries "Uprising," which airs Nov. 4 and 5. "But my favorite was Dracula; I don't know why."

Could it have been the cape? That's what attracted Hank Azaria to his favorite Halloween alter ego: Batman.

"I started [wearing my Batman costume] when I was 4 and wore it every year right through 9," Azaria told Jones. "I always went solo because I never could convince anyone to be Robin."

Which may have netted him sympathy candy. "Even though I only had a cheap cape and Batman head-cap and mask I bought from Woolworth's for $5, I still cleaned up," Azaria recalls. "Out in Forest Hills, [N.Y.], where I grew up, even a really cheap costume could still rake in the candy as long as you jumped around a lot in it."

Azaria got a chance to do a little bonus Bat-jumping last year, too, he says, when he arrived at erstwhile celluloid Caped Crusader George Clooney's house for a Halloween party ... sans costume.

"George would not let me in unless I wore a costume," Azaria says, "so I stuck this Bacardi Rum sticker on my chest to make it like a costume. It turned out to be a Batman design so I ended up being Batman again."

Any volunteers to be his Robin?

I'm sure someone out there believes her

"Take some respect in yourself, feel proud that you're choosy, vaginity [sic] is precious and a gift and is something to be proud of. It's not some villanous [sic] disease that you've got to get rid of as soon as possible. Feel proud to be a virgin -- I am!"

-- Ex-Spice Girl and topless pinup Geri Halliwell advocating just saying no to nookie and stretching the bounds of credibility in an Internet chat with teenagers.

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Headed to Hogwarts

Who needs Hugh Grant?

Kenneth Branagh has agreed to take the role of Gilderoy Lockhart in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets," the second Harry Potter film, which goes into production next month, Variety reports. At one point, there had been some speculation that Grant would take the role, but the floppy-haired actor's scheduling conflicts apparently got in the way.

No matter. Branagh will no doubt please muggles and wizards alike with his portrayal.

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Bonham Carter/Burton monkey business?

Is Helena Bonham Carter the female Russell Crowe?

The actress who may have been responsible for the demise of Kenneth Branagh and Emma Thompson's seemingly happy marriage has now been accused of wrecking yet another home.

Both the New York Post and the New York Daily News report that the actress is now dating Tim Burton, who directed her in "The Planet of the Apes." And while Bonham Carter's people insist that she and Burton didn't get together until after he broke off his 10-year relationship with actress Lisa Marie, not everyone believes them.

And Bonham Carter's publicist offers a somewhat dubious defense.

"How could she have had an affair [during the filming of 'Planet of the Apes']?" flack Melody Korenbrot told the Post. "She was in latex from head to toe."

No, she didn't say whether it was ribbed.

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