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Pitt won't miss "Friends," will Saran Wrap toilets; "Harry Potter" star's face vibrates. Plus: 'N Sync lowers standards, and Britney's the master of her domain!

Published November 6, 2001 5:51PM (EST)

As far as I can recall, Brad Pitt's unconventional vows to Jennifer Aniston did not include "I promise to always stop whatever I'm doing on Thursday night and watch you in 'Friends.'" But vow or no vow, Pitt apparently insists on doing just that.

According to "Ocean's 11" producer Jerry Weintraub, Pitt refused to work on Thursday nights because he had a standing date with his TV set, Ananova reports.

Someone buy that man a VCR! Then again, it might be the actor was too busy sidestepping George Clooney and Matt Damon's practical jokes to program it.

Pitt told the U.K. entertainment site it took him two hours every day to dismantle the booby traps his costars left for him in his hotel room.

Then again, Pitt and pals reportedly got back at Clooney ... by covering his toilet seat with Saran Wrap.


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Wobbly wizard

"My face and my stomach are both vibrating, which is scary. I am almost numb with nerves and that has never happened before. I woke up last night at 3 a.m., 4 a.m. and 6 a.m., and although I am very nervous I am also extremely excited and happy today."

-- Twelve-year-old Daniel Radcliffe, who plays Harry Potter in "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone," upon making his entrance to the film's world premiere in London before 5,000 screaming fans and stars including Cher, Ben Stiller and Fergie, to the BBC.

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Bruised mugs and burnt muggles

But before you find yourself feeling too sorry for wee Daniel, know this: He too was quite the little trickster on the set.

"Daniel is a technology wizard. One day, he translated all the text messages on my mobile phone into Turkish," Robbie Coltrane, who plays Hagrid in the Harry Potter flick, tells the Calgary Sun. "Getting into a cell phone memory and translating it back into English wasn't easy. At one point, I thought I was going to have to find someone who spoke Turkish to set it back."

But Coltrane apparently got off easy compared to the film's crew, who were sent into a complete tailspin one day when Radcliffe showed up with big-ass bruises all over his cute little face. He'd been in a bit of a scuffle, he explained.

"The makeup girl had a minor heart attack before she figured out it was a hoax," Coltrane said.

A kid after Clooney's own heart.

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Stickin' it to the suits

"They can't take away our creativity, our joy ... Only a network executive can do that."

-- Ellen DeGeneres cracking wise as host of the Emmy Awards on Sunday night.

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Juicy bits

Now that his film "On the Line" has been stranded at the drive-in and Lance Bass has been all but branded a fool, the 'N Sync-er says his interest has been revived in making "Grease 3" with Britney Spears playing Sandy and his band playing the T-Birds. "What put 'Grease 3' on the backburner was we discovered so many people own the rights to different things. One person owns the name and somebody else one owns the T-Birds and still another person owns the music. So, eventually no one really wanted to deal with it," Bass recently told the press. "It was proving too much of a hassle, but I think we'll definitely take another look at getting it made." After all, it's got groove, it's got meaning ...

Speaking of Britney casting herself as the ingenue, the perky popster says that while she doesn't mind being compared to Madonna, she thinks there are a few key differences in the way she behaves on- and offstage. "I may wear something that shows my belly," she tells Vogue, "but other than that I haven't done anything crazy like ... like I haven't masturbated on a bed!" I assume in this case she was referring to the onstage behavior.

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