Jacko being tested for anthrax

Michael Jackson: "I'm very sick"; Claudia Schiffer, stalker magnet. Plus: Brad Pitt's Mariah Carey state of mind!

Published November 7, 2001 5:48PM (EST)

I don't know what it is about Claudia Schiffer, but she seems to attract a stranger class of stalkers than most.

First there was that 44-year-old Spaniard who arrived at the German supermodel's Majorca villa armed with a bouquet of flowers and two -- count 'em, two -- wedding rings for his unimpressed ladylove. He reportedly scared Schiffer's poor mother half to death.

Then, just a few months later, another fellow broke in through a patio window -- apparently injuring his hand in the process -- dripped blood all over the place and then fled on foot, leaving his car behind. Again, poor mama Schiffer was left to clean up the mess.

And now, yet another frenzied fellow has freaked out Claudia's hapless ma. According to the British tabs, Adres Weasima schlepped all the way to Majorca from his home in Poland in order to ask Schiffer for her hand in marriage. The 28-year-old gardener reportedly made the 1,000-mile, three-day trek by bus, ferry and foot -- clad in a tuxedo adorned with a heart-shaped pin emblazoned with the message "Claudia, I love you" and toting an armful of presents for his intended.

The police nabbed him before he actually made it onto Schiffer's property. Nevertheless, her mom was said to be "distraught and very anxious."

Claudia dear, I really think it might be time to move -- or to enroll your mom in a martial arts class.

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She also knows a lot about videotape

"I don't know that much about music. 'Course, I know a lot about musicians."

-- Pamela Anderson on her string of rocker beaus, including Poison's Bret Michaels, ex-hubby Tommy Lee and her current squeeze, Kid Rock, in Spin.

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Sick puppy

Has Michael Jackson's mask let him down?

The musician is apparently convinced he's caught a few anthrax spores through what's left of his nose.

"I don't know if I should say this, but I'm very sick," Jackson told the London News of the World. "They're going to test me and the children for anthrax. We're all very, very sick right now ... My chest burns very, very much. It's hard to breathe. And when I swallow, it stings."

So much for "Invincible."

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No, he doesn't mean Christie Brinkley

"Rock 'n' roll was that woman in the fishnet stockings and the high heels who seduced me. Nowadays she's not looking so good and I rediscovered the girl next door."

-- Billy Joel on trying his hand at classical music after being a pop piano man all these years, to Reuters.

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Life in the Pitts

Unlike Claudia Schiffer, Brad Pitt seems to have moved on from his struggles with a scary celebrity stalker. But the actor is apparently still struggling big-time with the notion of celebrity itself.

"You start to believe the lie that you are special, that you're better than other people," Pitt admits in a Vanity Fair interview. "I've got a couple of friends that might as well be family, and I've caught myself just ordering one of them to do something because you get accustomed to people doing things for you ... It's the money and the power, it just crushes everything."

Resistance, he says, sometimes feels futile. "Most of the time I fight it ... but at times I succumb to it."

What's more, Pitt says, he has misgivings about the media's unyielding interest in his relationship with wife Jennifer Aniston. "It doesn't leave us room to be human, to make our mistakes and have our struggles," he says, "because that will just be another story."

Perhaps it was these struggles that led Pitt to start seeing a shrink a couple of years back. "I crashed and burned, so I wanted to understand how I operate," he says. He had to get over the taboo, but he figures it was better than the alternatives.

"I've thought about pulling a Mariah Carey," he says.

But he just didn't have the lungs for it.

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