Jacko to world: Beat it

King of Pop plans to sequester kids; Hurley gets pregnancy visit from Hugh! Plus: Erik Estrada goes loco for Anne Robinson.

Published November 12, 2001 10:59PM (EST)

Is Michael Jackson trying to make his 4-year-old son and 3-year-old daughter the loneliest kids in the world?

When they reach school age, Jackson tells TV Guide, he's going to keep 'em cloistered at his "Neverland" estate.

"I'm going to build a computer school on the grounds," Jackson says. "How can they go into society? He's Prince Michael Jackson. She's Paris Katherine Michael Jackson. It would be too difficult."

In the meantime, Jackson's happy to spend hours and hours watching "Sesame Street" with the kiddies, but "Malcolm in the Middle" is his very favorite show.

"Mainly because he tries to fit into society, and he doesn't," he says of the show's main character. "And I feel like that a lot of times."

So too, apparently, will his children.

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The good news

"I think that we'll probably see less shows about whining yuppies."

-- John Ratzenberger, who played Cliff Clavin in "Cheers," predicting the effect of the terrorist attacks on TV, in Reuters.

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Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson

Erik Estrada + Anne Robinson = True Love Forever?

The former "CHiPs" star apparently has a soft spot in his heart for the sadistic game-show host.

During a recent appearance on "The Weakest Link," Estrada says he got so pissed off at Robinson he was ready to "go over there and put some Mace down her mouth."

But, he tells Wireless Flash News, he soon discovered the gentler side of the TV meanie and now deems her "awesome" -- in a good way.

She's "the sweetest, nicest lady you ever want to meet," he gushes.

That Ponch -- he always did love the ladies ...

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Time's up

"Somebody will become a star just by being on a reality show. It is 15 minutes of fame, literally. You don't have to sleep with the president anymore."

-- "Hollywood Wives" author Jackie Collins on the changing face of fame.

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Stopping by for pickles and ice cream

Speaking of endless love ...

Hugh Grant paid his preggers ex, Elizabeth Hurley, a visit at her London home on Friday, just one day after news broke that she was carrying the child of her new beau, Stephen Bing, the BBC reports.

Grant refused to answer questions from the press crowding Hurley's door, but the mother-to-be herself was more forthcoming.

She is, she told reporters, feeling "great" and is not suffering too much from morning sickness.

Got that? She's not feeling hurl-y.

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