Rambo vs. bin Laden?

Stallone considers hauling out the thong again; Julia Roberts: Pot makes me sleepy! Plus: J.Lo goes princess again; and who's got the video of Vanilla Ice and Madonna getting freaky?

Published November 13, 2001 9:52PM (EST)

One man's tragedy is another man's chance to rescue a flagging film career.

Sylvester Stallone wants to resuscitate Rambo and send him after Osama bin Laden. According to London's Sunday Times, Stallone is hard at work on the script for "Rambo IV," which sees the musclebound action hero parachuting into Afghanistan to take on the Taliban and their terrorist buddies.

This marks a sharp, post-9/11 reversal of sentiment for Stallone, who just a few months ago, in an apparently short-lived fit of humility, cast doubt on his interest in revisiting "Rambo."

"I don't know if I'd look good in a thong anymore," Stallone said at the time. "In my fantasies, I'd love to do one more, but I don't think it would be in good taste at this age."

Yet another heinous crime on bin Laden's conscience.

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Harris' Harry moment

"I loved the material and thought the script was wonderful but the thing that worried me was that I hate commitment -- that's why I have two ex-wives."

-- Richard Harris on his initial reluctance to sign a seven-movie deal to play Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movies, to the BBC.

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Not so wild about the weed

Julia Roberts: Pretty straight woman?

In a dialogue with George Clooney in the upcoming issue of Esquire, the actress says smoking pot leaves her cold.

The two times she's toked up, she says, it just makes her desperate to take a nap.

"I'm spending my life trying to have energy and stay awake," she says. "Why am I gonna do something to go to sleep?"

Did anyone ask Julia her thoughts on speed?

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Ice cracks

"Her and I in a sex act? It could, could possibly, absolutely, it could possibly exist."

-- Rapper Vanilla Ice admitting that there may well be an X-rated home video of him and Madonna floating around out there somewhere, to Launch.com.

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Her wish is their command

Is Jennifer Lopez up to her high-maintenance tricks again?

According to the BBC, the singer is planning to bring an entourage of 100 people -- backup singers, chefs, hairdressers and dancers -- for a three-minute appearance on the U.K.'s Top of the Pops Awards.

"Her first demand is that she gets 10 dressing rooms," BBC producer Robin Astbrook told reporters. Not that he's too concerned about that. "You don't go into dealing with J.Lo thinking she's going to arrive in the back of a camper van and take care of herself."

As a matter of fact, Lopez is planning to arrive by private jet.

"Whatever she wants, she can have. If she wants one room decorated in leopardskin wallpaper and another in tartan," Astbrook said, "that's what she'll get."

Now don't go giving her any ideas.

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